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Sofia Georgescu: Ursita, (din volumul de poezii “Vreau!”)

Sofia Georgescu: Ursita, (din volumul de poezii “Vreau!”)


” School of Athens ” detail showing Zoroaster , Ptolemy , Purigino and Raphael ( self portrait) looking to us 1509-1511 By Raphael

Watch “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted – Jimmy Ruffin” on YouTube

Watch “Al green-How Can You Mend A Broken Heart.wmv” on YouTube

Track art

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? (Live)

Al Green

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I can think of younger days when living for my life
Was everything a man could want to do
I could never see tomorrow, but I was never told about the sorrow

And how can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round?
How can you mend a this broken man?
How can a loser ever win?
Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again

I can still feel the breeze that rustles through the trees
And misty memories of days gone by
We could never see tomorrow, no one said a word about the sorrow

And how can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round?
How can you mend this broken man?
How can a loser ever win?
Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again

Written by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, Downtown Music Publishing, Songtrust Ave

France 24 : Exclusive video: Iraqi forces near Mosul mosque where IS group leader declared ‘caliphate’

Exclusive video: Iraqi forces near Mosul mosque where IS group leader declared ‘caliphate’

FRANCE 24 reports from the front line of the battle for Mosul as Iraqi forces close in on the mosque where Islamic State (IS) group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a “caliphate” in June 2014.


The battle for Mosul may be nearing its end, as Iraqi forces move within sight of the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, where the IS group proclaimed its so-called caliphate.

Baghdadi is believed to have fledthe former IS group bastion sometime before Iraqi security forces – backed by air support from the anti-IS group coalition – surrounded the city.

FRANCE 24’s Gallagher Fenwick earlier cited some Mosul residents as saying that Baghdadi’s departure shows that he is “no honourable leader and rather a coward, because he chose to leave his troops behind – who are facing defeat – rather than engage in combat alongside his troops”.

But it is a welcome development for some.

“We will hunt them down until the end …We will follow them all the way to Syria and finish them off once and for all,” says one young soldier.

Syria may indeed be next on the agenda. But for now the IS group appears poised to suffer heavy losses before losing one of its main strongholds in Iraq.

Click on the video player above to view the full FRANCE 24 report.

France 24 : Swiss region blocks Turkey referendum campaign rally

Swiss region blocks Turkey referendum campaign rally

Swiss police blocked a rally Friday supporting a referendum in Turkey, amid uncertainty over whether the Turkish foreign minister would be allowed to host a similar event planned for Zurich this weekend.


“Police in the canton of Argau have blocked the meeting,” police spokesman Samuel Helbling told AFP, citing security concerns.

The rally featuring Hursit Yildirim, the vice president of the Istanbul chapter of Turkey‘s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), had initially been scheduled to take place in Zurich on Friday evening.

Organisers were pressed to change the venue and announced earlier Friday that it would take place at the Swiss headquarters of the Union of European Turkish Democrats in Spreitenbach in the northern canton of Argau.

But Argau police have blocked that event as well.

The moves came as several local authorities in Germany especially, but also elsewhere in Europe, have attempted to block public appearances by Turkish ministers to drum up support for a high-stakes referendum next month, aimed at boosting the powers of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkish officials have repeatedly hit back, with Erdogan angrilycomparing Germany’s actions to “Nazi practices”.

The Swiss canton of Zurich earlier this week asked the federal government to cancel a weekend visit by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who also planned to host a pro-referendum rally.

Bern rejected that request, but the Hilton hotel near the Zurich airport, where Cavusoglu had been scheduled to speak, told AFP it would not allow the event to go ahead there out of concern for the safety of its guests.

It remained unclear if he would find an alternate venue for Sunday’s rally.

Planned rallies featuring Cavusoglu have also been blocked in Germany, and the Netherlands has said it would not facilitate a scheduled visit by Cavusoglu to the country on Saturday.

Meanwhile on Friday an Austrian town banned a rally which a senior official from Turkey’s ruling party was set to attend.

The gathering in the western town of Hoerbranz was billed as a “book presentation” attended by former Turkish energy minister Taner Yildiz.

But police claimed organisers were in reality planning a “political rally” gathering some 400 people, saying it was called off over “risks of public disorder”. 


France 24 : Trump border wall shines spotlight on French-Swiss cement maker’s murky past

Trump border wall shines spotlight on French-Swiss cement maker’s murky past

French-Swiss cement maker LafargeHolcim came under fire this week after offering to supply materials for US President Donald Trump’s planned wall on the Mexican border. But the company has a long history of questionable business practices.


The French government urgedLafargeHolcim on Thursday to reconsider its position on contributing to the wall’s construction, which has caused a diplomatic rift between the United States and Mexico.

“It should reflect upon what its interests are. There are other clients who will be stunned by this,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayraulttold France Info radio on Thursday. “Lafarge says it doesn’t do politics… Very well, but I would say companies… also have social and environmental responsibilities.”

Ayrault’s comments were in response to LafargeHolcim CEO Eric Olson, who was quoted by AFP on Thursday as saying: “We are the number-one cement group in the United States… we are here to support the construction and development of the country… We are not a political organisation.”

Yet LafargeHolcim’s offer is just the latest in a string of questionable deals the company has made over the past few decades.

World War II ‘Atlantic Wall’ construction

In the spring of 1942, at the height of World War II, Nazi Germany decided to bolster its defences on the Western Front by constructing the “Atlantic Wall” – a sprawling fortification of 15,000 bunkers along the coast from the Netherlands to the Pyrénées. A number of French companies were drafted to help build the rampart, with “80 percent of French cement at the time used in the construction of the French section of the Atlantic Wall”, according to Géo magazine. This led to a major hike in the public works market, from 16 million French francs in 1941 to 671 million in 1943.

“The project was a chance, an economic opportunity for French businesses to continue working despite the occupation. In this context, Lafarge was just one of many,” Jérôme Prieur, author of “The Atlantic Wall – A Monument to Collaboration”, told FRANCE 24. “Two of its factories produced cement for the Nazis: one in occupied territory, near Angoulême [in the west of France]. The other was in unoccupied territory, near Ardèche [a region in the southwest]. Paradoxically, it was the factory in the free zone [before it was invaded by Nazi forces in November 1942] that showed the most zeal for the German war effort”.

Although Lafarge was not the only French business guilty of economic collaboration, it emerged from the war with a competitive advantage. “The war wasn’t a down period for the company,” Prieur said. “Lafarge, which was already a major cement producer, maintained its status thanks to its economic collaboration with the Germans. It and other companies that collaborated on the economic level were also best placed to undertake reconstruction efforts after the war, because of their continued activity during the occupation.”

Profiteers in EU fight against climate change

In an effort to fight against the effects of climate change, theEuropean Union set up the world’s first and largest international carbon emissions trading system in 2005. The idea was to prevent a rise in emissions by capping the amount of greenhouse gases a company could produce, before gradually reducing quotas to limit the impact on the environment.

But major European industrial companies have been able to profit off the system by lobbying for higher quotas and then selling off the surplus, raking in €8 billion between 2008 and 2014, according to a report commisioned by the non-governmental organisation (NGO)Carbon Market Watch. One of the sectors that has benefitted the most is cement, with Lafarge taking a large piece of the pie.

Merger with Holcim, a company with a dubious past

Lafarge’s merger with Holcim has done little to redeem its reputation. The Swiss cement company’s past is just as dubious, if not more so. In one case, it was ordered by Australia to pay more than $280,000 for damaging Aboriginal rock art, stone arrangements and sacred places at a National Heritage site. It has also been fined numerous times in the United States for violating limits on pollution, according to the NGO CorpWatch. In 2013, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it had reached a settlementwith Holcim that included a $700,000 fine, as well as at least $20 million of investments to resolve violations of the Clean Air Act.

Suspected financial ties with IS group in Syria

In June 2016, French daily Le Monde reported that Lafarge wassuspected of having established ties with the Islamic State (IS) group, in order to keep its Jalabiya factory in northern Syria running. According to the newspaper, the cement company tasked an intermediary with obtaining free passage from the jihadists for its employees at checkpoints. Truck drivers were allegedly issued documents stamped by the IS groupallowing them to access the site, raising suspicions that Lafarge had paid some sort of inducement.

Lafarge’s headquarters in Paris were apparently aware of the arrangement, Le Monde reported, citing company emails. A week after the article appeared, LafargeHolcim chairman and former CEO Bruno Lafont told FRANCE 24: “The nature of the allegations made in the newspaper are not who we are. We have launched a very precise and thorough examination of the facts.” A spokesperson, meanwhile, stressed that “Lafarge’s priority has always been to ensure the safety and security of its staff.”

Unmoved by the company’s response, the French economy ministry filed a complaint against LafargeHolcim with the Paris prosecutor’s office for failing to comply with a European ban on working with terrorist organisations in Syria.

Last week, the company acknowledged that the Jalabiya factory had probably struck a deal with militant groups in Syria, describing the situation as “unacceptable”.

This article was translated from the original in French

Storcks are awesome!

Storcks are awesome!

Female Anna’s Hummingbird

Female Anna’s Hummingbird

The place you always go back to…is broken (poetic thought by GeorgeB)

The place you always go back to…is broken (poetic thought by GeorgeB)
The place you always go back to…is broken.
The place of no return…

The compass is broken,

The trail had been taken over by nature

And the moss is dead with thirst in the scorching rays of the desert sun.

The place where you try to go back to,

Left behind, in the memories of us.

You call on me to meet and search together for the place where we were once happy …but not anymore…

We have together lost our place of happiness…and never will we find it again: the spell has been…Broken.

BBC News: State Department was ‘unaware’ of Mexico visit

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

State Department was ‘unaware’ of Mexico visit – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39233539

BBC News: Raw milk cheese linked to two listeria deaths in US

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Raw milk cheese linked to two listeria deaths in US – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39229635

Raw milk cheese linked to two isteria deaths in US US & Canada ן hour ago ו Two people have died and four more have fallen ill following an outbreak of listeria linked to recalled cheese in several eastern US states. Officials say it was probably caused by a soft raw milk cheese called oueout from Vulto Creamery in New York state. The cheese was stocked by a Whole Foods shop in Fairfield, Connecticut, and may also have been available in specialised cheese shops. The Creamery recalled several soft cheeses on Tuesday Six cases of listeria have been recorded in Connecticut and Vermont, where the deaths occurred, as well as in New York and Florida The people infected range in age from less than a year to 89, and five of them are female, the US Centers for 85 Disease Control and Prevention CDC) says All six were taken to hospital and the identity of those who died has not been released.

BBC News: Rex Tillerson steps away from Keystone XL pipeline

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Rex Tillerson steps away from Keystone XL pipeline – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39233007

BBC News: EU summit: Poland warns against multi-speed bloc

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

EU summit: Poland warns against multi-speed bloc – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39232136

BBC News: US immigration: 50 extra judges to help tackle backlog

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

US immigration: 50 extra judges to help tackle backlog – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39228235

Watch “Jo Stafford – Blue Moon” on YouTube

Watch “Jo Stafford – You Belong To Me” on YouTube