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An equestrian statue of Saint Wenceslaus and other patrons of Bohemia 

An equestrian statue of Saint Wenceslaus and other patrons of Bohemia (St. Adalbert, St. Ludmila, St. Prokop and St. Agnes of Bohemia) is located on Wenceslaus Square inPrague. The statue is a popular meeting place in Prague. Demonstrations against the Communist regime were held there.

His helmet and armour are on display inside Prague Castle.

The 1994 television film, Good King Wenceslas, is a highly fictional account of his early life. The film stars Jonathan Brandis in the title role, supported by Leo McKern,Stefanie Powers, and Joan Fontaine as Ludmila.

A 1987 BBC radio play byAlick Rowe, Crisp and Even Brightly, starring Timothy Westas Wenceslas, is a comic re-telling of the story of the carol, involving a page called Mark and spies seeking the downfall of the King.

France 24 : Trump fires FBI director Comey

Trump fires FBI director Comey

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday fired his FBI director James Comey, the man who leads the agency charged with investigating his campaign’s ties with Russia — a move that sent shockwaves through Washington.


Best Classical Music: Watch “Franz Schubert Piano Sonatas D 566, 784, 850, András Schiff” on YouTube

Sayumi Michishige ( sepia crayon sketch)

Sayumi Michishige ( sepia crayon sketch)

From an 1854 speech by Chief Seattle (Suquamish & Duwamish): “Every part of all this soil is sacred to my people. Seamănă cu Sctisoarea III-a a lui Eminescu, nu?

From an 1854 speech by Chief Seattle (Suquamish & Duwamish): “Every part of all this soil is sacred to my people.

From an 1854 speech by Chief Seattle (Suquamish & Duwamish): “Every part of all this soil is sacred to my people. 

Every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove has been hallowed by some sad or happy event in the days long vanished. The very dust you now stand on responds more willingly to their footsteps than to yours, because it is rich with the blood of our ancestors and our bare feet are conscious of the sympathetic touch.

Even the little children who lived here and rejoiced here for a brief season love these somber solitudes, and at eventide they greet shadowy returning spirits.

And when the last red man shall have perished, and the memory of my tribe shall have become a myth among the white men, these shores will swarm with the invisible dead of my tribe; and when our children’s children think themselves alone in the field, the store, the shop, upon the highway, or in the silence of the pathless woods, they will not be alone.

At night when the streets of your cities and villages are silent and you think them deserted, they will throng with the returning hosts that once filled and still love this beautiful land.

The white man will never be alone.

Let him be just and deal kindly with my people, for the dead are not powerless. Dead, did I say? There is no death, only a change of worlds.”

Ogni nuovo mattino, uscirò per le strade cercando i colori. (Cesare Pavese)

The castle of Sammezzano

The castle of Sammezzano

Ambrosius Benson      – Giovane in preghiera leggendo il libro d’ore – 1532Olio su tela  75×55,5 cmMusée du Louvré.Parigi(Cupido)

Lucrezia Borgia(frescoe, detail),1492-94PinturicchioBorgia Apartment in Vatican

” Moses Journey into Egypt and the Circumcision of his Son Eliezer ” 1482 ( detail )Artist: Pietro Perugino Period: Early Renaissance Location: Capella Sistina , Vatican

“Crocefissione con Maria e San Giovanni” – Rogier van der Weyden – 1457, olio su tavola di querciadimensioni  323 x 192 cm. “El Escorial”, Madrid

” The Ascent to Calvary ” 1565-1567Artist: Tintoretto Period: Mannerism ( Late Renaissance)Location: Scuola Grande di San Rocco , Venice

” Madonna of the Peace ” ( Madonna della Pace ) ” Circa 1490 ( detail )Artist: Bernardino PinturicchioPeriod: Early Renaissance- Italian Renaissance Location: Pinacoteca Civica Tacchi Venturi , San Severino Marche , Italy

Watch “The 100 Most Beautiful Women Of 2016” on YouTube

100. Bianca Balti – Italy
99. Keira Knightley – UK
98. Doutzen Kroes – Holland
97. Lily Collins – UK / USA
96. Mila Kunis – USA
95. Bella Thorne – USA
94. Elizabeth Olsen – USA
93. India Eisley – USA
92. Emilie Voe Nereng – Norway
91. Vika Levina – Russia
90. Courtney Eaton – Australia
89. Niti Taylor – India
88. Serenay Sarı-Kaya – Turkey
87. Danielle Campbell – USA
86. Julia Parrott – Philippines
85. Victoria Justice – USA
84. Fahriye Evcen – Turkey
83. Maine Mendoza – Philippines
82. Kim So Hyun – South Korea
81. Lupita Nyong’o – Kenya / Mexico
80. Hazal Kaya – Turkey
79. Natalia Vodianova – Russia
78. Katy Perry – USA
77. Avril Lavigne – France
76. Victoria Song – China
75. Sandara Park – South Korea
74. Zara Larsson – Sweden
73. Charlize Theron – South African
72. Ariana Grande – USA
71. Margot Robbie – Australia
70. Taylor Hill – USA
69. Lucy Hale – USA
68. Rihanna – UK / USA
67. Anna Zayachkivska – Ukraine
66. Maris Racal – Philippines
65. Seohyun – South Korea
64. Nicola Peltz – USA
63. Bae Irene – South Korea
62. Zoey Deutch – USA
61. Drashti Dhami – India
60. Ana De Armas – Puerto Rico
59. Jennifer Lawrence – USA
58. Sanaya Irani – India
57. Nana – South Korea
56. Kang Seulgi – South Korea
55. Katy Bock – Canada
54. Scarlett Johansson – USA
53. Tiffany Hwang – USA / South Korea
52. Xenia Tchoumitcheva – Russia / Switzerland
51. Amber Heard – USA
50. Alia Bhatt – India
49. Nana Komatsu – Japan
48. Priyanka Chopra – India
47. Fan Bing Bing – China
46. Airi Suzuki – Japan
45. Irina Shayk – Russia
44. Kathryn Bernardo – Philippines
43. Monica Bellucci – itlay
42. Kate Upton – USA
41. Nargis Fakhri – USA / Czech / Pakistan
40. Meryem Uzerli – Turkey
39. Maite Perroni – Mexico
38. Haidy Moussa – Egypt
37. Davika Hoorne – Thailand
36. Marion Cotillard – France
35. Park Jiyeon – South Korea
34. Krystal Jung – USA / South Korea
33. Souhila Ben Lachhab – Algerie
32. Nina Dobrev – Bulgarian – USA
31. Suzy Bae – South Korea
30. Lauren Jauregui – USA
29. Chou Tzuyu – Taiwan
28. Jessica Alba – USA
27. Kendall Jenner – USA
26. Emilia Clarke – UK
25. Cara Delevingne – UK
24. Emma Watson – UK / France
23. Adriana Lima – Brazil
22. Jessica Jung – USA / South Korea
21. Kristen Stewart – USA
20. Candice Swanepoel – South Africa
19. Emma Stone – USA
18. Amanda Seyfried – USA
17. Tuba Büyüküstün – Turkey
16. Aishwarya Rai – India
15. Liza Soberano – Philippines
14. Im Yoona – South Korea
13. Taylor Swift – USA
12. Chloe Moretz – USA
11. Megan Fox – USA
10. Angelina Jolie – USA
9. Ktrina Kaif – UK / India
8. Gabriella Wilde – UK
7. Barbara Palvin – Hungary
6. Selena Gomez – USA
5. Hanane El Khader – Maroc
4. Deepika Padukone – India
3. GIGI Hadid – USA / Palestine
2. Miranda Kerr – Australia
1. Alexandra Daddario – USA (THE WINNER )

Phoebe Tomkin (sepia crayon sketch)

Phoebe Tomkin (sepia crayon sketch)

The: “Everything is for sale, everything can be bought” times we’ve living in! – Time stands still in Rocamadour, France. This Tower was for sale when I was there.  (Jean-Marie van Bronkhorst)

The: “Everything is for sale, everything can be bought times”  we’ve living in! Time stands still in

 (Jean-Marie van Bronkhorst)

RUBENS Pieter Paul (Flemish 1577-1640)

RUBENS Pieter Paul (Flemish 1577-1640)

Oldest house im Aveyron, France. 13th century

Oldest house im Aveyron, France. 13th century

Today’s Holiday:Be Kind to Animals Week

Today’s Holiday:
Be Kind to Animals Week

Be Kind to Animals Week was first observed in 1915. Established by Dr. William O. Stillman, the leader of the American Humane Association at the time, this week was dedicated to helping animals and to publicizing the achievements of the nation’s humane societies. Today, Be Kind to Animals week is observed by thousands of animal shelters across the country in the first full week of May. They host special media events, promote education on the humane treatment of animals, and try to remind people of the debt that humankind owes to both wild and domestic animals. More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Today’s Birthday:Howard Carter (1874)

Today’s Birthday:
Howard Carter (1874)

An experienced archaeologist and Egyptologist, Carter began searching for the long lost tomb of the ancient Egyptian king Tutankhamun in the early 1900s, excavating Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt, through funding by his financial backer, Lord Carnarvon. In 1922, Carnarvon gave Carter one last season to make a discovery. He did, unearthing the pristine, treasure-filled tomb that became world famous. What fact about Carter’s life is often used to refute the so-called Curse of the Pharaohs? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

This Day in History:England’s Lincoln Cathedral Is Consecrated (1092)

This Day in History:
England’s Lincoln Cathedral Is Consecrated (1092)

Not long after William the Conqueror named Remigius de Fécamp bishop of what was then the largest diocese in the country, he decided to move the seat of the diocese to a more central location. For the next 20 years, Remigius oversaw construction of a magnificent new cathedral in Lincoln, only to die days before its consecration. Today, its architecture is considered to be priceless. When Queen Eleanor died nearby in 1290, which parts of her body were buried at the cathedral? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Quote of the Day:Henry James

Quote of the Day:
Henry James

Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for yourself. More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Article of the Day:Banoffee Pie

Article of the Day:
Banoffee Pie

A portmanteau of “banana” and “toffee,” banoffee pie is an English dessert made from bananas, cream, toffee, and a pastry or biscuit base. Though Ian Dowding and Nigel Mackenzie of The Hungry Monk restaurant in East Sussex, England, claim to have invented the dish in 1972, other tales of its origins eventually spread. The men responded by offering a £10,000 prize to anyone who could disprove their claim. How is the toffee for the pie made? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Idiom of the Day:in the hope that

Idiom of the Day:
in the hope that

With the expectation, intention, or desire that (something will happen). Watch the video…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Word of the Day:froward

Word of the Day:

Definition: (adjective) Stubbornly contrary and disobedient; obstinate.
Synonyms: headstrong, self-willed, willful
Usage: Her siblings were obedient and well-behaved, but she was froward and stubborn.: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch