“Wandering along a snowy lane”, 1909By Louis Apol (Dutch, 1850-1936) 

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Van Gogh: Artists he Admired, Louis Apol (Dutch, 1850-1936)

To Theo. Nuenen, 20 October 1885

“… Millet, Rembrandt and, for instance, Israëls — it has sometimes rightly been said of them that they are — harmonists rather than colourists. But — tell me — BLACK AND WHITE, may one use them or not? Are they forbidden fruit? 

I think not. Frans Hals must have had twenty-seven blacks.

White — but you know yourself what singular paintings some modern colourists purposely made with white on white. What does that phrase mean, ONE MAY NOT?  

Delacroix — called them rests, used them as such. You mustn’t be prejudiced against them, because provided they’re in their place and in balance with the rest, one may use all tones — that goes without saying. Do you know that I often think the things by APOL say, in white on white, are very good. His Sunset in the Haagse Bos, for instance, which is in Amsterdam. That thing is actually deuced fine.” – http://bit.ly/2qbpfEk

“Wandering along a snowy lane”, 1909

By Louis Apol (Dutch, 1850-1936) 

oil on canvas; 69.5 x 54.5 cm

© Sold through Christie’s Amsterdam. 14 October 2008 http://bit.ly/2pupriW


Artist Biography http://bit.ly/2pHFvZS

To Theo. Dordrecht, 30 April 1877

“… After church I walked along that path behind the station where we walked together, thinking of you and wishing we could be together – and kept on walking until I came to the cemetery at the end of a black cinder road running through the meadows that looked so beautiful in the twilight. 

The cemetery looks a little like that drawing by Apol in ‘Eigen Haard’, there’s a canal around it and there’s a house surrounded by pine trees, yesterday evening the light was shining through the windows in such a friendly way – it’s an old house that looks like a parsonage.” – http://bit.ly/2qBHK5G

To Theo. London, 30 March 1874

“… Thanks for your letter of this morning. I was very glad to hear that Anton Mauve is engaged to Jet C. (Ariëtte Sophia Jeanette ‘Jet’ Carbentus, a cousin of Vincent and Theo, was engaged to Anton Mauve. They were to be married on 26 November).

That’s wonderful. I’m glad that you’re so well.

It’s good that you’ve read the book by Bürger (the French art critic,  Etienne Joseph Théophile Thoré; 1807-1869),  read about art as much as possible, especially the Gazette des Beaux-Arts, etc.

Above all, be sure to find out as much as possible about paintings. The Apol that we have here now is very beautiful, last year he painted a similar subject and I found it better and fresher than this one.” –  http://bit.ly/2pu7sJa


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