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My Chakra today 

My birds on the wire today

My birds on the wire today 

My birds on the wire today 

” Madonna and Child ” Circa 1460 or later Attributed to Agostino di Duccio

” Madonna and Child ” Circa 1460 or later 

Attributed to Agostino di Duccio

Period: Early Renaissance

Location: National Gallery of Art , Washington DC , USA

A View of the high Altar featuring Titian’s Assumption of the Virgin as the centre-piece . (13 February 1469)

A View of the high Altar featuring Titian’s Assumption of the Virgin as the centre-piece . (13 February 1469)

Another one hits the ground! France 24 :  German parliament legalises same-sex marriage

German parliament legalises same-sex marriage

Germany’s parliament backed the legalisation of same-sex marriage on Friday in a historic vote hailed by gay activists and leftist parties but criticised by some in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservative bloc and by the Catholic Church.

France 24 :  Trump travel ban comes into effect

Trump travel ban comes into effect

A scaled-back version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban took effect Thursday evening, stripped of provisions that brought protests and chaos at airports worldwide in January yet still likely to generate a new round of court fights.

Watch “Amália Rodrigues “Avé Maria fadista”” on YouTube

Watch “Marlene Dietrich “Je m’ennuie” 1933″ on YouTube

Body parts (embossing sketch ) 

La noi sânt codri vechi de brad…şi câmpuri de mătase:  Watch “Noi – Octavian Goga” on YouTube

Watch “Octavian Goga – Munții Noștri Aur Poartă” on YouTube

”  Gates of Paradise ” 1425 -1452 ( after Restoration ) East side  By Lorenzo Ghiberti

”  Gates of Paradise ” 1425 -1452 ( after Restoration ) East side  

By Lorenzo Ghiberti 

Period: Early Renaissance 

Location: Baptistery of San Giovanni, Florence

Gilded Bronze Doors

Watch “Leonard Cohen Chelsea Hotel #2 Live” on YouTube

Watch “Leonard Cohen – 11 – Tonight Will Be Fine (Berlin 1974) [with lyrics]” on YouTube

Watch “El Condor Pasa ” If I Could ” | Guitar and Pan Flute” on YouTube

Watch “Mozart Piano Concerto 26. Aimi Kobayashi” on YouTube

Watch “America – A horse with no name” on YouTube

Today’s Holiday:National Basque Festival

Today’s Holiday:
National Basque Festival

This sports-music-dance-barbecue celebration of Basque heritage has been held annually since 1962 in Elko, Nevada. Participants in the festival wear the traditional red, white, and green of the Basque provinces of Spain. The men also wear the traditional Basque beret. The festival begins on Friday with social and exhibition dancing. On Saturday there’s a parade of more than 50 floats, and major contests of weightlifting, sheepdog-working, and dancing the native jota. On Sunday, the events wind up with a big barbecue of steak, marinated lamb, and spicy chorizo sausages. More…:

Today’s Birthday:Michael Phelps (1985)

Today’s Birthday:
Michael Phelps (1985)

Phelps is an American swimmer who has won 16 Olympic medals, 14 of them gold. He started swimming as a child and competed in his first Olympics at 15. A year later, he became the youngest male ever to set a world swimming record, doing so in the 200-meter butterfly. In 2008, he set a record for most gold medals won at a single Olympiad—eight—while setting as many swimming records. Which swimmer voiced doubts about Phelps’ ability to break the record but was happy to be proven wrong? More…:

This Day in History:The Great Blondin Crosses Niagara Falls on Tightrope (1859)

This Day in History:
The Great Blondin Crosses Niagara Falls on Tightrope (1859)

Best known as “The Great Blondin,” Jean François Gravelet was a French tightrope walker and acrobat famous for making multiple crossings of Niagara Falls on a tightrope on several occasions. Balancing 160 feet (48 m) above the water on a 1,100-foot (335-m) tightrope, Blondin dazzled crowds by using a different theatrical variation each time he crossed, performing the feat blindfolded, in a sack, pushing a wheelbarrow, on stilts, carrying a man on his back, and sitting down to do what? More…:

Quote of the Day:Washington Irving

Quote of the Day:
Washington Irving

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. More…:

Article of the Day:World War I Poison Gas

Article of the Day:
World War I Poison Gas

The use of poison gases—ranging from disabling chemicals like tear gas and mustard gas to lethal agents like phosgene—was a military innovation put into use during WWI that had a major impact on warfare. Although the killing capacity of gas was limited—only 4% of combat deaths were due to gas—the proportion of non-fatal casualties was high, and gas remained one of the soldiers’ greatest fears. What were some of the early, crude countermeasures developed to defend against the use of poison gases? More…:

Idiom of the Day:user base

Idiom of the Day:
user base

business jargon The number units of a particular product or service that are currently in use, especially software or an internet or computing platform. (Also referred to as “install(ed) user base” or simply “install(ed) base.”) Watch the video…:

Word of the Day:inerrant

Word of the Day:

Definition: (adjective) Incapable of erring.
Synonyms: infallible
Usage: Many traditional theologians insist that biblical texts are the literal Word of God and as such are inerrant and infallible.:

Watch “Dvořák: Serenade for winds / Rattle · Berliner Philharmoniker” on YouTube

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)Wild Bird

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

Wild Bird

Ba-keitz-ogie, (The Yellow Coyote), also called “Dutchy”.  A Chiricahua Apache man. 1880-1890.

Ba-keitz-ogie, (The Yellow Coyote), also called “Dutchy”.  A Chiricahua Apache man. 1880-1890.

Dinshaw Eduljee

Watch “Tucker: The real tragedy of Trump’s tweets about Mika” on YouTube

Moretto da Brescia Portrait of Tullia d’Aragona as Salomé  (1537)Oil on panel, 56 x 39 cmPinacoteca Tosio Martinengo, Brescia

Moretto da Brescia Portrait of Tullia d’Aragona as Salomé  (1537)

Oil on panel, 56 x 39 cm

Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo, Brescia

If you say so…embossing sketch

If you say so…embossing sketch

Vals (Waltz), Pablo Neruda (SELECTED POEMS)

Today’s Holiday:Seychelles Independence Day

Today’s Holiday:
Seychelles Independence Day

Also known as Republic Day, Seychelles Independence Day is a national holiday that commemorates Seychelles’ transition to an independent republic on this day in 1976. It had been a British colony since 1903. Before that, it was a dependency of Mauritius, which was ruled by France. When Seychelles became independent, the people had a three-month-long party. More…:

Today’s Birthday:Giacomo Leopardi (1798)

Today’s Birthday:
Giacomo Leopardi (1798)

Leopardi was an Italian poet and scholar who suffered throughout his life from chronic physical ailments and dashed hopes. Despite these challenges, he was devoted to philosophy and the classics from early childhood and became one of the most formidable linguists and writers of his time. His pessimistic poetry is admired for its brilliance, intensity, and musicality. He is considered among the great Italian poets of the 19th century. What are some of his most famous works? More…:

This Day in History:Algerian Leader Muhammad Boudiaf Assassinated (1992)

This Day in History:
Algerian Leader Muhammad Boudiaf Assassinated (1992)

Boudiaf was an Algerian political leader and a founder of the National Liberation Front, which directed the Algerian War of Independence (1954-1962) against France. Boudiaf was captured in 1956 and imprisoned. He was freed after Algeria gained independence, but his opposition to the new regime led to a 27-year exile. In 1992, he was invited back to head the government and deal with rising religious influence in politics. Months later, he was assassinated by a bodyguard while doing what? More…:

Quote of the Day:Miguel de Cervantes

Quote of the Day:
Miguel de Cervantes

I know that everything beautiful attracts love, but I cannot see how, by reason of being loved, that which is loved for its beauty is bound to love that which loves it. More…:

Article of the Day:The History of Saffron

Article of the Day:
The History of Saffron

Spanning cultures, continents, and civilizations, the history of saffron in human cultivation and use reaches back more than 3,000 years. Saffron, a spice derived from the stigmas of saffron crocus plants, has been used as a seasoning, fragrance, dye, and medicine and has remained among the world’s costliest substances throughout history. After saffron spread to America in the 18th c, demand grew so much that its price on the Philadelphia commodities exchange matched that of what precious metal? More…:

Idiom of the Day:insofar as

Idiom of the Day:
insofar as

To such an extent that; to the degree that. Watch the video…:

Word of the Day:ungainly

Word of the Day:

Definition: (adjective) Lacking grace or ease of movement or form.
Synonyms: clumsy, clunky, gawky, unwieldy
Usage: He was a gawky lad with long ungainly legs, but she thought he was the most handsome boy she had ever seen.:

” Prudence ” C.1475Artist: Andrea Della Robbia

” Prudence ” C.1475

Artist: Andrea Della Robbia

Period : Early Renaissance 

Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York , USA 

Medium: Glazed Terracotta

” Marriage of the Virgin ” 1523Location: San Lorenzo , Florence

” Marriage of the Virgin ” 1523

Location: San Lorenzo , Florence

” Leda e il Cigno ” 1535Artist: Bartolomeo Ammanati.Type: Marble Sculpture 

” Leda e il Cigno ” 1535

Artist: Bartolomeo Ammanati ( Attr )

Period: Mannerism ( Late Renaissance )

Type: Marble Sculpture 

This artwork was bought in Florence in 1865 by the British painter John Everett Millais . It was originally said to be by Michelangelo, however since its arrival in Britain , and Its acquisition by the V&A in 1937.  The attribution has been discussed at length without definite conclusion.

Tioga Pass is now OPEN for the summer!!!

Tioga Pass is now OPEN for the summer!!!

Giorgio VasariSt Luke Painting the Virginafter 1565, fresco,  Santissima Annunziata, Florence

Giorgio Vasari

St Luke Painting the Virgin

after 1565, fresco,  Santissima Annunziata, Florence

Watch “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Kay Chung, autoharp)” on YouTube

Defense of our borders: a constitutional obligation, not a politcal option! – Governer Rick Perry.

Defense of our borders: a constitutional obligation, not a politcal option!  Governer Rick Perry.

Lady with a fan, Gustav Klimt

Lady with a fan, Gustav Klimt

My Duck today 

My Duck today 

My Chakra today 

My Chakra today 

My pot with flowers today no.1 

My pot with flowers today no.1