I looked in temples, churches and mosques. But I found the divine within my heart. | The Quirky Guru Online


It’s a funny world we live in where an idea or an influence has been implemented that attempts to exclude certain individuals from deserving God’s love.

I can’t talk about anyone else’s experience of God, only my own. For me, the God/Universe/Source Energy (or what ever you may call it) has never been a fire and brimstone, fearful God. My experience of God and indeed my connection to this omnipresent and divine energy has always been a relationship of pure love. No judgement, no expectation, no conditions, just a constant stream of unconditional devotion.

I don’t have to go to a building to pray, meditate or worship. I don’t have to be in a group or congregation. My connection to this extraordinary love source is the quiet voice within me, that in the calm of my inner stillness radiates a passion and an inspiration for life and all living things that is not of myself – it’s only accessed though the divine connection.

In my journey so far I have rarely seen displays of God in the places that are dedicated in God’s name. I’ve seen more of God in everyday life through small acts of kindness, expressions of compassion, in a smile, in a laugh, in a stream of tears and in a gentleness softness despite life’s hardening within each individual I meet, no matter where they are in their life path.

I see God in everything, in all living things great and small. God is present not only in everything I see but also in everything I cannot. The sheer presence of God is unmistakable, unshakable and undeniable.

I do often hear people speak and say ‘look at what the world has come to, God is nowhere to be seen’.

My view is that we should look again, because there’s not one thing that you can see, touch, hear, or feel where God is not present. We are never without God. God is everywhere. God is in all of us, connecting, sharing, loving and creating every moment of our existence.

Our wish for you today is that you look at yourself and the world with eyes of divine love and be enveloped by how much Godly love there is for you at any moment that you choose to accept it. No matter what race, religion, colour, age, gender, or sexuality you are, it’s available equally to all and most importantly it’s free. You need to look no further than within yourself, for you are the very essence of God.

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