California tosses new limit on Brockovich chemical | The Sacramento Bee

California hasn’t “tossed” anything… The California Department of Health did a sloppy job adopting the maximum contaminant level (MCL) almost four years ago… we told them then what they were doing was wrong… they didn’t follow the law. Which is one of the reasons the Drinking Water department was gutted and transferred to the State Water Board two years ago! The law is clear… the MCL should be set as close to the Public Health Goal (PHG) as is technically and economically feasible. The PHG is 0.02 ug/L… and they set the MCL at 10 ug/L. We told them the MCL should have been set at 2 ug/L four years ago… but they bowed to political pressure… not science and snapped and artificial line at 10 ug/L based on the number of water system sources impacted… not what the law says! Here is where strange bedfellows hatched their plot… the polluters… who contend Chome-6 is “naturally occurring” conspired with so-called industry leaders to challenge the MCL in court… we knew they would win… the process was flawed from the beginning… an outcome borne from conspiracy. First question one would ask themselves is why does the chemical polluter industry spend tens of millions to defeat a drinking water MCL for a “naturally occurring” element… because it’s not! That is a lie they tell politicians. Chome-6 was and still is used in scores of processes and dumped across our country in wastewater discharges that recharge our groundwater sources. Here is the moral to the story… be careful what you ask for. The MCL has not been “tossed out”… but the State is going to redo the part of the process they screwed up. I bet this time they won’t bow to “political” pressure and do the right thing. I have complete faith in the process… sticktoitiveness… and trust the State Water Board will make sure it is done right. My prediction… the MCL is set properly in accordance with law at 2 ug/L or less. In the last four years… science has improved on treatment techniques and associated costs significantly. The market is funny that way… tends to follow demand. Bottomline… I look forward to a stronger MCL, much more protective of the health and safety of our families.


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