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Despre crimă, criminali și pedeapsa lor (un gând de-al meu)

Așa e: in legatură cu alahistul uzbek care a condus camionul in oamenii nevinovați din banda de bicicletă în New York City:

Ca și cu puștile : nu omul omoară cu pușca, ci pușca omoară omul fără pușcă…ori cu pușcă!
Soluție: hai să interzicem mașinile, că sânt ucigașe! De aceea ar trebui sa ne întoarcem la…pesteră, unde se trăiește bine, ca acum câteva zeci de mii de ani. Atunci ne putem lasă barba să crească în mod natural, functionând precum cămară pentru resturile de mâncare, incluzând paduchii care servesc ca un delicios supliment de proteine! Nu, nu s-a inventat incă focul ca nu erau bombe şi nici bombardatori sinucigași! 🙂

Valley of the lights Italy!

Valley of the lights Italy!

Valley of the lights Italy!

San Francisco, California, USA (http://bit.ly/2xIRNZs)

San Francisco, California, USA (http://bit.ly/2xIRNZs)

San Francisco, California, USA (http://bit.ly/2xIRNZs)

France 24 :  Trump’s Twitter account ‘inadvertently disactivated’

Trump’s Twitter account ‘inadvertently disactivated’

President Donald Trump’s @realdonaldtrump Twitter account was “inadvertently deactivated” due to human error by a Twitter Inc employee on Thursday and was down for 11 minutes before it was restored, the social media company said.


“Earlier today @realdonaldtrump’s account was inadvertently deactivated due to human error by a Twitter employee,” the company said in a tweet.
“We are continuing to investigate and are taking steps to prevent this from happening again,” it added.
A Twitter representative declined to comment furthe

Trump has made extensive use of messages on Twitter to attack his opponents and promote his policies both during the 2016 presidential campaign and since taking office in January.
He has 41.7 million followers on Twitter.
“Great Tax Cut rollout today. The lobbyists are storming Capital Hill, but the Republicans will hold strong and do what is right for America!” he wrote in his first tweet after Thursday’s outage.
In a similar incident last November, Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey’s account was briefly suspended as a result of what he said was an internal mistake.
(REUTERS) House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Aperitivo in Rome !

Aperitivo in Rome !

Aperitivo in Rome !

Yeller…finally out of the job of holding back the hopes of the banking people

Hopefully we will make any I nterest at all, on our hard earned money, held and used by banks…to get fatter and bail themselves out of the bad landing deals made…way to go banking system hiding the bankruptcy of a country’s economic and financial future and fate…on the backs of its constituency!

France 24 :  EU arrest warrant sought for sacked Catalan leader Puigdemont as ministers jailed

EU arrest warrant sought for sacked Catalan leader Puigdemont as ministers jailed

Spain’s state prosecutor sought a European arrest warrant for former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, now in Belgium, after he failed to appear at a High Court hearing on Thursday. A Spanish judge jailed eight former Catalan cabinet ministers.


Other leaders of the independence drive, that has brought thousands onto the streets of Barcelona demonstrating both for and against a break with Madrid, did appear before a Spanish court and faced prosecution demands they be held in custody.

A Spanish judge ordered eight members of the deposed Catalan government detained pending further probes into their role in the region’s tumultuous quest for independence, a Madrid court said. Another former regional minister, who resigned just before the Catalan parliament declared independence on Friday, was also remanded in custody but will be set free if he pays a bond of 50,000 euros.

Puigdemont’s lawyer in Belgium, where he has travelled with four members of his sacked cabinet, said his client would stay away from Spain while the political climate was “not good”; but he would cooperate with the courts.
“If they ask, he will cooperate with Spanish and Belgian justice,” lawyer Paul Bekaert told Reuters.
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy sacked Puigdemont and his government on Friday, hours after the Catalan parliament made a unilateral declaration of independence – a vote boycotted by the opposition and declared illegal by Spanish courts.
Puigdemont ignored an order to appear before the High Court on Thursday to answer charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds relating to the region’s secessionist push.
The state prosecutor responded by asking the court to issue a European arrest warrant. The judge is due to rule on this request later on Thursday though she is widely expected to follow the prosecutor’s recommendations.
“When someone doesn’t appear after being cited by a judge to testify, in Spain or any other EU country, normally an arrest warrant is issued,” said Supreme Court President Carlos Lesmes who is also the head of the General Council of the Judiciary, Spain’s top judicial body.
An arrest warrant would make it virtually impossible for Puigdemont to stand in a snap election in the wealthy region called by the Spanish government for December 21.
Puigdemont said on Tuesday he would go back to Spain only if given unspecified guarantees by the Spanish government, puzzling many Catalans who now think he has acted precipitously.
“President, enough is enough,” said the influential Catalan newspaper el Peridico on its front page on Wednesday.
Ebelio Ramos, a pensioner from the pro-independence town of Berga, said he was bemused by Puigdemont’s flight.
“I don’t know what they’re thinking about but when someone does what he did and declares independence and then flees… A president has to fulfil the law and if he doesn’t, it is better that he stays calm, because if he starts doing something outside the law, he is going to lose everything,” Ramos said.
Following a tumultuous month, attention is gradually turning to the December vote. Protests taking place in central Barcelona on Thursday to support secessionist leaders as they testified in Madrid failed to attract a big crowd.
Cracks have appeared within the pro-independence coalition of centre-right and far-left parties as well as inside Puigdemont’s own PdeCat (Democratic Catalan Party) where some of his allies are now pushing for a negotiated solution with the central government.
The struggle has also divided Catalonia itself and caused deep resentment across the rest of Spain, although separatist sentiment persists in the Basque Country and some other areas.
In Madrid, 20 secessionist leaders had been summoned by two separate courts to testify over their role in holding an illegal vote on referendum on October 1 and later proclaiming independence from Spain, but only 15 turned up. Puigdemont and four members of his sacked cabinet failed to appear.
All the remaining members of the dismissed Catalan cabinet but one declined to answer questions from the state prosecutor and the High Court judge who will likely open an investigation that could take several years and potentially lead to a trial.
Five senior regional lawmakers and the speaker of the Catalan parliament, Carme Forcadell, were also summoned by the Supreme Court, which handles the cases of people who enjoy parliamentary immunity.
The Supreme Court agreed on Thursday to give one more week to Forcadell and the Catalan lawmakers to prepare their defence and a new hearing will take place on November 9.
The courts have already told the Catalan secessionist leaders to deposit 6.2 million euros ($7.2 million) by Friday to cover potential liabilities.
Two recent opinion polls showed support for independence may have started to wane.
But an official regional survey published on Tuesday showed some 48.7 percent of Catalans believe the region should be independent, up from 41.1 pct in June and the highest since December 2014.
(FRANCE 24 with AFP and REUTERS)

France 24 :  CIA releases 470,000 more files from Bin Laden raid

CIA releases 470,000 more files from Bin Laden raid

Never-before-seen video of Osama bin Laden’s son and potential successor was released Wednesday by the CIA in a trove of material recovered during the May 2011 raid that killed the al-Qaida leader at his compound in Pakistan.


The video offers the first public look at Hamza bin Laden as an adult. Until now, the public has only seen childhood pictures of him.

In recent years, al-Qaida has released audio messages from Hamza bin Laden. And to mark a recent anniversary of 9/11, al-Qaida superimposed a childhood photo of him over a photo of the World Trade Center. He is expected to rise to prominence in the jihadist movement and is being closely watched as the rivalIslamic State organisation suffers setbacks in the Middle East.

One hourlong video shows Hamza bin Laden, sporting a trimmed mustache but no beard, at his wedding. He is sitting on a carpet with other men. A man chanting Quranic verses can be heard in the background. Sporting a traditional white headdress, he verbally accepts his marriage to his bride “on the book of God and the example of the prophet. Peace be upon him.”

“Takbeer!” the others shout, marking his marriage with a kind of religious hooray.

It was the fourth trove of documents, images and computer files recovered during the raid of bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Earlier materials were released in May 2015, March 2016 and in January of this year.

The CIA said the nearly 470,000 additional files offer insights into the inner workings of the terrorist organization responsible for 9/11 and detail its clashes with the Islamic State group, a spin-off of al-Qaida’s operation in Iraq. They also shed light on hardships that al-Qaida faced at the time of bin Laden’s death.

Included is a 228-page, handwritten personal journal of bin Laden and about 79,000 images and audio files, including practice reels of public speeches. Also released were home videos and more than 10,000 video files, including the one of Hamza bin Laden’s wedding.

‘Father of the groom, prince of the mujahedeen’

After shouts of congratulations, the video moves to another location where the groom and others are sitting on a red carpet dotted with bowls of bananas and apples, bottles of cola, sweets and tea. The groom smiles nervously, revealing his dimples. Osama bin Laden is not seen, but a man notes that the “father of the groom, the prince of the mujahedeen” is overjoyed about his son’s marriage and his happiness will “spread to all the mujahedeen.”

At one point, a man stands up and offers a lengthy quiz on the history of Koranic verse, largely for the benefit of young boys in the group who compete to answer the questions. Red heart-shaped balloons decorate the room and in a second video of the wedding, the boys play a rough game of indoor soccer while the adults cheer.

Also included in the material is information about how al-Qaida planned to mark the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and the network’s work to spread its message through Western media; the group’s effort to exploit the Arab uprisings in 2011; bin Laden’s quest to keep his organization together amid disagreements over beliefs and operational tactics; and the organization’s work to burnish its image with fellow Muslims amid negative media.

There are still materials that have not yet been released. The CIA said this includes materials that are sensitive to national security; those protected by copyright; pornography; malware; and blank, corrupted and duplicate files.

Not all the material, however, was of a serious nature. There was a video known as “Charlie bit my finger!” depicting a boy and his baby brother who bit his finger. There also were YouTube videos about crochet, including “How to Crochet a Flower.”

And bin Laden’s video collection included “Antz,” a 1990s animated adventure comedy about an ant colony, “Chicken Little” and “The Three Musketeers.” Also in the collection were “Where in the World is Osama bin Laden” and several National Geographic programs: “Kung Fu Killers,” ”Inside the Green Berets” and “World’s Worst Venom.”


Madonna — Fra Filippo Lippi (1406 – 1469)

Madonna -- Fra Filippo Lippi (1406 - 1469)

Madonna — Fra Filippo Lippi (1406 – 1469)

From Wikipedia: hanged, drawn and quartered: Is what allahists should face for their crimes (all in public executions!)


Illustration of the execution of Hugh the Younger Despenser, from a manuscript of Froissart (Bibliotheque Nationale MS Fr. 2643, folio 11r) To be hanged, drawn and quartered was from 1351 a statutory penalty in England for men convicted of high treason, although the ritual was first recorded during the reign of King Henry III (1216–1272). Convicts were fastened to a hurdle, or wooden panel, and drawn by horse to the place of execution, where they were hanged (almost to the point of death), emasculated, disembowelled, beheaded, and quartered (chopped into four pieces). Their remains were often displayed in prominent places across the country, such as London Bridge. For reasons of public decency, women convicted of high treason were instead burned at the stake.

The execution of Hugh Despenser the Younger, as depicted in the Froissart of Louis of Gruuthuse
The severity of the sentence was measured against the seriousness of the crime. As an attack on the monarch’s authority, high treason was considered a deplorable act demanding the most extreme form of punishment. Although some convicts had their sentences modified and suffered a less ignominious end, over a period of several hundred years many men found guilty of high treason were subjected to the law’s ultimate sanction. They included many English Catholic priests executed during the Elizabethan era, and several of the regicides involved in the 1649 execution of Charles I.

Although the Act of Parliament defining high treason remains on the United Kingdom’s statute books, during a long period of 19th-century legal reform the sentence of hanging, drawing, and quartering was changed to drawing, hanging until dead, and posthumous beheading and quartering, before being abolished in England in 1870. The death penalty for treason was abolished in 1998.

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