WEDNESDAY 24 JANUARY 2018 Saint Francis of Sales From the Gospel according to Mark (Mk 4, 1-20)

Saint Francis of Sales

From the Gospel according to Mark
(Mk 4, 1-20)

At that time, Jesus again began to teach along the sea. And a huge crowd gathered around him, so that he got into a boat and sat there, standing in the sea, while the crowd was on the shore along the shore. He taught them many things in parables and told them in his teaching: “Listen. Behold, the sower went out to sow. As it sowed, one part fell down the road and the birds came and devoured it. Another fell among the stones, where there was not much land, and immediately it came out because there was no deep soil; but when the sun rose, it remained burned and, having no root, it dried up. Another fell among the thorns; the thorns grew, they choked it and gave no fruit. And another fell on the good earth, gave fruit that sprouted and grew, and now yields thirty, now sixty, and now one hundred for one. ” And he said: “He who has ears to hear, understand!”
When he was alone, those around him with the twelve questioned him on the parables. And he said to them: “The mystery of the kingdom of God has been confided to you; to those outside instead everything is exposed in parables, because “they look, but they do not see, they listen, but they do not understand, because they do not convert and they are forgiven”.
He went on to say to them: “If you do not understand this parable, how will you understand all the other parables? The sower sows the word. Those along the way are those in whom the word is sown; but when they hear it, it is immediately satan, and takes away the word sown in them.
Likewise those who receive the seed on the stones are those who, when they hear the word, immediately welcome it with joy, but have no root in themselves, are inconstant and therefore, upon the arrival of some tribulation or persecution because of the word, immediately they break down.
Others are those who receive the seed among the thorns: they are those who have listened to the word, but the worries of the world and the deceit of wealth and all the other cravings arrive, they stifle the word and it remains fruitless.
Those who receive the seed on good ground, are those who listen to the word, welcome it and bear fruit to the extent of those of the thirty, those of the sixty, those of one hundred for one “.

Today’s Gospel does not need to comment! Jesus first teaches in parables and then explains, word by word, the meaning of the parable! What else to add?
Just an invitation! Let’s have a selfie today! Yes, a selfie! Let’s turn the lens towards us, let’s look at the screen of our smartphone and ask ourselves: what am I? Does the Word of God root in my heart and grow? Or do you die in the first storm?
Each of us will give a different answer to these questions, but beyond what will be your personal answer, know that St. Francis de Sales – which we celebrate today – would tell us this way: “We only continue to cultivate well, because there is no earth so ungrateful that the love of the cultivator is not fruitful! ” Have a nice day with Jesus.

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