Watch “Leonard Cohen:”… what comes after America.”” on YouTube


6 responses to “Watch “Leonard Cohen:”… what comes after America.”” on YouTube

  1. you’re welcome, i usually stay away from political thoughts, but sometime you hear something like Leonard Cohen thoughts…gives one pause in this hate-filled moment of the attempt to repeat history ,…
    i wonder sometime if history is even being taught in schools anymore…
    i think the hate is manifesting a past that has been forgotten or actually i think so many people don’t know the truth of that past….
    i hope i find a mountain to move to before this madness of the masses is totally out of control ….
    I hope you are well in your neck of the woods George ūüôā
    Take Care…You Matter…

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  2. his words are haunting….especially since i live in America….
    i have a front row sit of this moments reality, in the midst of this chaos of hate…i watch the news less and less, for i know not where it comes from…but then i have trust issues these days
    no one takes responsibility for their words..their actions, even when you replay their words back to them… everyone seems to need that 15 minutes of fame at what ever cost… i do Believe evil is alive and growing in America…..
    he was a very wise soul….
    Thank you for sharing…makes one sit back and take a deep breath and think about America and what it will be like when it is gone…

    Take Care…You Matter

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    • I couldn’t agree more: reverse discrimination. Vilification, from the demo-n-crats…it is pure hatred…thanks God that an honest. Not a politician, but a businessman, snd a resl human being is, in our lifetime, commendeering our “ship of fools”, named America! Thank you for this marvelous conversation!

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