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Scientists Reveal the Indispensable Exercises That Can Help Us Live Longer.

Not everyone knows that health is wealth. There are many who simply ignore what it takes to remain healthy and live longer. The reason for good health isn’t only to ensure

you live longer, but to have a better quality of life as you age. You have just one life and by making it healthy, you live a fulfilling a happy one enjoying each and every cherished moment with your family and loved ones rather than having them visit you in a hospital several times a vear.

1) The key to good health.

Good health doesn’t mean being a fitness freak or a gym enthusiast who develops and obsession of going to the gym every single day. It’s simply eating healthy, avoiding unhealthy food, being physically active with some exercise

at least thrice a week and of course positive thinking. The key to long life is to ensure your body is in good condition and the more flexible you are is proof that your bones are still supple and not rigid or brittle. Take the following tests to see where you measure up and here is the exercise to live longer.

2) How to test your body’s age. Warm up by stationery or brisk walking

up and down a room. If you have a treadmill at home then ten minutes on that will help pump up your metabolism a bit.

Now perform a forward stretch by bending over and trying to touch your toes or the floor with your hands, How far do you go. Don’t bend your legs, and back too should be straight. Now make a mental mark of where your hand reached and stand up.

3) At 20-25 years, you should be able to touch the floor easily.

If you can touch the floor easily with your legs straiaht it means your muscles are still flexible as mentloned earlier, Inactivity and poor metabolism makes your bones rigid and muscles weak. Get back on track as soon as possible.

4) At 25-38 years, if this is how much you did.

If you can touch the floor with your fingertips with slightly bent knees, it means the exercise isn’t to discomforting. However, those who are physically active will touch their toes even at 38 years of age without bending knees. As mentioned earlier, inactivity and poor metabolism makes your bones rigid and muscles weak. Get back on track as soon as possible.

5) 38 to 50 years.

Your fingers touch only the upper feet but with knees considerably bent and muscles tensed. You feel like standing up immediately. This means at your age, your muscles aren’t strong at all with no flexibility in your body. Between 38 and fifty years healthy people should be able to touch toes with a slight bend in the knee. The exercise will not be discomforting even fthe activity 3 performed ten times.

6) If you are more than 50 years.

You just can’t touch your feet and even when trying to bend over makes your knees bend immediately. You experience a lot of discomfort in such a position. This means that rigidity has set into your body because of no exercise and activity. But!! All is not lost. You’ll be surprised when you gradually start exercising how your body may respond positively. Within a month of exercising you may find you can bend over with no discomfort.

If you keep at it, you may regain a considerable part of your flexibility and at least manage to ouch your feet with a slight bend of the knee.

7) How to improve your flexibility and overall health.

There is no need to get worried if you aren’t happy with your own results. If you want to regain your flexibility back and improve your health, start performing this exercise 30 times a day and after a month you will surprise yourself. However, you should not be suffering from any joint or bone ailments in which case consult with your doctor first.

8) Stretching works wonders for your body.

Such activity where your body is stretched increases circulation and oxygenates your muscles. With more oxygen to your muscles and organs, your health improves drastically. You also regain your flexibility to a great extent.

9) What Tibetan monks say about age and heaMh?

Tibetan monks believe that the age of a person’s body depends on the health of his liver. The liver is also connected to flexibility. A sedentary lifestyle with all the wrong food choices damages your liver and cre3ates a neqative impact on vour muscles and oraans

Bending 30 times daily will strengthen all ligaments, tendons, and yourjoints. What you may be surprised to know is that you can improve your flexibility at any age.

10) Release muscle tension with static gymnastics.

Static gymnastics is good for eliminating internal muscle spasms. It is a simple and easy exercise but it helps to relive the entire body of tension and oxygenates every part of the body. Several muscles are worked out and it can also massage your internal organs.


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