Today’s Holiday: Paczki Day (Thusty Czwartek)

Today’s Holiday:
Paczki Day (Thusty Czwartek)

Paczki Day is a day in early to mid-February in Poland and the United States on which a rich, jelly- or crème-filled doughnut is traditionally eaten in anticipation of the 40 days of fasting required during the religious season of Lent. In Poland, the observance of Paczki Day is known as Thusty Czwartek, or Fat Thursday; in the United States, Polish-Americans celebrate Paczki Day on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, which signals the beginning of Lent. Paczki are made of dense, rich dough that is deep-fried and may be filled with fruit-flavored jam or crème. More…:

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