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Horoscope ♉: 04/11/2019

Horoscope ♉:

Your skills with computers and other forms of technology should be growing rapidly. This will greatly increase your efficiency with these tools and your marketability, should you be thinking of changing careers or simply be looking for a new position. This would be a good day to get your resume up to date so you can act when you learn of a job that seems right for you.: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Today’s Holiday: Liberia National Redemption Day

Today’s Holiday:
Liberia National Redemption Day

On April 12, 1980, 13 soldiers stormed Liberia’s executive mansion, killing William R. Tolbert and 26 other government leaders. The soldiers were led by Samuel Kanyon Doe, who immediately set up a military regime called the People’s Redemption Council. He also declared April 12 National Redemption Day. His rule, however, was not the welcome change that many anticipated, and for Doe’s opponents, National Redemption Day was a time to memorialize the many individuals who were killed in 1980. Today, many Liberians observe the anniversary by remembering the slain. More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Today’s Birthday: Antoine Laurent de Jussieu (1748)

Today’s Birthday:
Antoine Laurent de Jussieu (1748)

A member of the French de Jussieu family of distinguished botanists, Antoine Laurent de Jussieu categorized plants into families and developed a system of plant classification. He elaborated on the system of classification of his uncle, Bernard de Jussieu, in Genera plantarum, a work which influenced later systems of classification. He was professor at the Museum of Natural History, Paris, and organized its botanical collection. What other members of the de Jussieu family were botanists? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

This Day in History: Euro Disney Resort, Now Disneyland Paris, Opens (1992)

This Day in History:
Euro Disney Resort, Now Disneyland Paris, Opens (1992)

Disneyland Paris is a resort complex located in the suburbs of Paris, France. Opened in 1992 as Euro Disney Resort, it features two theme parks, an entertainment district, and seven hotels. Initially, park attendance, hotel occupancy, and revenues fell below projections, but things began to turn around in 1995, with Euro Disney S.C.A. reporting its first quarterly profit. Today, the resort is one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations. What were some of the objections to building this resort? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Quote of the Day: E. M. Forster

Quote of the Day:
E. M. Forster

Either life entails courage, or it ceases to be life. More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Article of the Day: The Farewell Dossier

Article of the Day:
The Farewell Dossier

The Farewell Dossier was the name given to the collection of documents that KGB defector Colonel Vladimir Vetrov—code-named “Farewell”—gathered and gave to French intelligence officials during the Cold War. An engineer, Vetrov had been assigned to evaluate information on Western hardware and software gathered by spies. Disillusioned with the Communist system, Vetrov passed along nearly 4,000 secret documents between 1981 and 1982, including a complete list of what? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Idiom of the Day: catch big air

Idiom of the Day:
catch big air

To jump into the air, especially in a vehicle or on sports equipment (e.g., a snowboard, skis, skateboard, bike, etc.). Watch the video…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Word of the Day: fecundity

Word of the Day:

Definition: (noun) The quality of something that causes or assists healthy growth.

Synonyms: fruitfulness

Usage: The island is famous for its fecundity and exports tropical fruits to countries around the globe.: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

YourDictionary Tools


YourDictionary Tools


Tools to Make Word Knowledge Easier

YourDictionary has free browser tools, widgets and more so you can easily access the full power of YourDictionary.

Word Lists

Word lists are a handy tool to store spelling words, new words you want to learn and words you want to remember.

With the word list tool you can:

  • Create a word list with your own words and a custom title and description.
  • Choose to either share your list (make your list available to all YourDictionary readers) or make your list private (only you can access your word list).
  • Easily edit or delete words to update your lists to your current needs.
  • Quickly find top rated word lists created by other students and teachers.
  • Follow and use word lists created by your teacher or parent or other YourDictionary readers.

Word lists are a great tool for students to build vocabulary and capture spelling words; and, they are helpful for teachers when preparing vocabulary study tools and homework assignments.

Flash Cards

Flash cards are fun-to-use vocabulary tools that are built-in to any word list you can see. They are a great way to test your knowledge about the words on a word list.

The flash card shows the word on one side and the definition and examples on the reverse. Flash cards are versatile; so, you can customize how you use them.

For example, you can:

  • Choose what information you want to show on the reverse side of the flash card – the definition, a sentence example or an image (when available).
  • Use your flash cards to study and test yourself about the words on your word list.
  • Work with another student, adult, parent or teacher who will work through the flash cards, asking you to spell, define and give an example of each word on your flash cards.

Word Finder

If you like to play word games you will find the tools at Word Finder to be the easiest way to get a little help to find the perfect word.

For example:

  • Scrabble Word Finder – You can enter your tiles and find the highest scoring word from your available tiles.
  • Words With Friends Cheat – You can scan the dictionary for words made from your available letters, sorted by word length and base points.
  • Scrabble Dictionary – This handy tool searches to see if a word you specify is an accepted Scrabble word, and it provides the points and the definition. You can even see what other Scrabble words you can make with your tiles.
  • 4 Pics 1 Word Answers – You just enter your letters and select the length of word you are looking for. Word Finder will scan the dictionary and deliver a complete alphabetical list of possible answers for the letters and word length you entered.
  • Helpful Word Lists for Playing Scrabbleand Words With Friends – You can view lists of words that meet a certain criteria such as words that start or end with a certain letter, words that contain a certain letter or words of a certain length.

YourDictionary Bookmarklet

The YourDictionary bookmarklet is a handy button that you can push whenever you want to see the definition of a word on any web page (not just on YourDictionary!). You just place the bookmarklet on your bookmark bar (the space underneath the url). It can be used with any browser.

To install the YD bookmarklet, just drag the orange YourDictionary button into your browser bookmark bar.


To use the bookmarklet, all you need to do is:

  • Highlight a word on any web page.
  • Click the YourDictionary bookmarklet.
  • A popup window shows you the definition of the word on YourDictionary. If you don’t highlight a word before you clicked the bookmarklet, you can type in a word in the popup window.

YourDictionary Toolbar

For even more direct access to all the features you love on YourDictionary, check out our toolbar. The YourDictionary toolbar delivers quick-click access to YourDictionary’s robust search where you’ll find definitions you can understand, PLUS:

  • Sentence examples
  • Synonyms
  • Specialty dictionaries
  • Grammar rules and tips
  • Biographies, famous quotes and more!
  • Word Finder help for word games such as Scrabble, Words With Friends and 4 Pics 1 Word

To install the YourDictionary toolbar just click on the “Download Our Toolbar” button.

Get our toolbar!

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Depiction dictionary definition | depiction defined





(plural depictions)

  1. a lifelike image of something, either verbal or visual
  2. a drawing or painting

From French dépiction, from Latindepictio


Sentence Examples

  • Mr. Secretary, thank you very much for your extremely eloquent depiction of the global view.
  • This was the favorite Victorian depiction of fairies, tiny beings that delighted the eye but were impossible to catch.This downsizing of the Fae Folk was perhaps a result of Victorian Empiricism.
  • Take the plot devices on faith and just take in the chases, the bonding, the terrifyingly realistic depiction of nuclear holocaust (in a dream, fortunately) and the surprisingly poignant ending.
  • Bear in mind that your sunset invite doesn’t necessarily have to feature an actual depiction of a sunset to be appropriate; even an image of the water and sky will do nicely!
  • Bush. However, the Mii tool can also be used to make some fantastic cartoon and fictional characters as well.To the left side of the image is a depiction of Pochacco, a character known from the Sanrio universe.


Descriptive Words for Scents


Descriptive Words for Scents

4th grade5th grade6th grade7th grade8th grade9th grade10th grade11th grade12th gradeElementary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh SchoolCollegeCharts

Isn’t it amazing how words can take shape and materialize into depictions of real-world encounters, including scents and sounds? With a few poetic lines, a reader can visualize precisely how an author was feeling, down to the very smell in the room.

The more descriptive the word, the greater the chance that the imagination will recreate the scent. That’s why it’s vital to have a few descriptive words for scents ready to go. You never know when you’ll want to share the memory of a fine day, right down to the jasmine wafting through the air.

Scent Synonyms and Antonyms

The word “scent” can refer to a lovely perfume or a strong odor. There are many synonyms you can use instead of the word “scent” to avoid repetition, including:

Aroma Odorize
Aura Perfume
Balm Pheromone
Bouquet Redolence
Essence Smell
Fragrance Trace
Incense Whiff

Remember that while each of these words may have the same fundamental meaning as the word “scent,” the associated connotation can be quite different. You might talk about how much you love the aroma of freshly baked bread, but it wouldn’t make much sense to talk about the pheromone of freshly baked bread.

If you’re looking for antonyms of the word “scent” instead, you could use such words as stench, stink, or reek. These have much more a negative connotation to them, like how you might talk about the stench of a dumpster in a back alley.

Describing a Scent

Some descriptive words for scents refer to what made the smell or explain what it smells like. For example, you might try some of these words on for size.

Doggy Minty
Lemon Moldy
Lemony Pine
Lilac Plastic
Lime Rose
Mildewed Skunky
Mint Woodsy

Most descriptive words for scents describe the way something smells or what the smell represents. These include words like the following.

Acid Musty
Acrid Nauseating
Airy Perfumed
Biting Pungent
Clean Putrid
Crisp Rancid
Dirty Redolent
Earthy Repulsive
Faint Rotten
Feminine Sharp
Fetid Sour
Fishy Spicy
Floral Spoiled
Flowery Stale
Fresh Stinking
Light Sweaty
Loamy Sweet
Masculine Tart
Moist Wispy

Descriptive Words Set the Mood

It is said that our sense of smell is our strongest link to memories, even more than our sight or hearing. Indeed, scents can bring back the past or can set the mood for new experiences. So, why wouldn’t we want to incorporate some of that into our speech and writing?

As you continue to create various scenes within your writing, you can utilize this list of descriptive words: adjectives, adverbs, and gerunds. Get ready to bring entire universes to life with your words.

Scented candles in a spa setting

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Vocabulary: Adjectives for Describing Food

Learn List of English Adjectives for Describing Food.

In English, there are many specific words to describe how foods taste.

Adjectives for Describing Food in English

List of Adjectives for Describing Food

  • acid: very sour
  • acidic: foods that taste sharp or contain a lot of acid
  • astringent: an astringent taste is one that is strong and bitter
  • bitter: something that is bitter has a strong sharp taste that is not sweet
  • bitter-sweet: tasting bitter and sweet at the same time
  • brackish: brackish water has a slight taste of salt and is therefore not pure
  • chocolatey: chocolatey food has a lot of chocolate in it, or tastes like chocolate
  • creamy: soft, smooth foods that contain cream, or taste as if they do
  • crumbly: food that crumbles to the touch, and breaks easily when you try to eat it
  • crunchy: food that is crisp and easily breakable
  • fiery: food that is fiery makes your mouth feel very hot when you eat it
  • flavoured: tasting a particular way or of a particular thing
  • greasy: food that has been fried in oil
  • hot: hot food contains a lot of spices that create a burning feeling in your mouth
  • juicy: food that contains a lot of juice
  • mature: mature cheese, wine, etc. has been left to develop a pleasant strong flavour
  • mild: mild food does not have a strong taste
  • mushy: food that is very soft
  • ripe: ripe cheese or wine has a strong flavour
  • robust: robust food or drink has a lot of flavour
  • savoury: tasting of salt or spices and not sweet
  • seasoned: containing seasonings to improve flavour
  • sharp: food that is sharp has a strong and bitter flavour
  • sour: with a taste like a lemon
  • spicy: spicy food has a strong hot flavour
  • sweet-and-sour: sweet-and-sour food contains both sweet and sour flavours
  • sweetish: a sweetish taste or smell is slightly sweet
  • syrupy: thick, sweet, and sticky
  • tart: tart food or drinks have a slightly sour taste
  • unsalted: not flavoured with salt
  • watery: pale, or not strong

Adjectives for Describing Food | Image

Adjectives for Describing Food


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How to remember English Vocabulary while speaking in English

by | Apr 1, 2019 | English Learning Tips, The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast | 1 comment

Being able to remember English vocabulary when speaking in English is hard, if you are not using your English on a daily basis. To be able to remember and use a wide range of vocabulary, to express and communicate your ideas in English, you need to be surrounding yourself with the English language as much as possible and using the new vocabulary as much as possible. This sounds easy, though it can be hard to achieve, if you are not consistent. In todays podcast episode, Joe and I talk about how you can better remember English vocabulary when speaking in English

In this episode of Convos with Joe, Joe Crossman and I talk about 3 key elements you should be incorporating in your daily study routine.

Those elements being:

  1. Consistently redefining why you are learning English to help you set learning goals and learn the right vocabulary you will need to use when speaking in English
  2. Daily study routines and tips to help you learn and remember English vocabulary
  3. The importance of consistently using the new vocabulary you come across and how you can do this today

Download and listen to the podcast episode to learn how to remember English Vocabulary while speaking in English

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Join the discussion in the comments below by answering this question: How do you learn and remember English words?

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What do you think? How are you? How do you feel?

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What do you think? Few actions, and correct wording!

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What do you think? The 5 question in the mouth of any in investigator:

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Learn as much as you can, as long as you can!!!

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It gets easier and easier to learn English grammar so…no excuses please!!!!! 😎 https://pin.it/q7dbzhi2l5lqzp

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Watch “The Woodbine Sessions I go on” on YouTube

Walking shadows
Tracing silhouettes
Moon is high while my feet wandered.
I felt the tight rope break
Snap beneathe my step
I’m still walking out in thin air.
Whenever I go
Will I go far
However I go
Oh I know
I go on Standing in the shadows.
Walking in forward motion
Chasing sun that I
Always needed to hold on to.
I can’t be sure
Where I will lay my head
But I’ll find a way to get there.
Whenever I go
Will I go far
However I go
Oh I know
I go on Morning breaks
You will see, all that’s lifted off of me
I’m holding on, holding on.
I’ve hit the crack
Hit a wall
You might think that I will fall
I’m holding on, holding on.
I go on Standing in the shadows.
I go on Standing in the shadows.

Songwriters: Lawrence Katz / Jillian Edwards
I Go On lyrics © Songs Of Razor And Tie, Suitcaseland

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