Today’s Holiday: Conch Republic Independence Celebration

Today’s Holiday:
Conch Republic Independence Celebration

In 1982 the United States Border Patrol set up a roadblock on U.S. Highway 1, just north of the Florida Keys, which threatened the region’s tourist industry and angered residents. On April 23, 1982, the residents of the Florida Keys seceded from the United States as the Conch Republic; though it didn’t last, the stunt succeeded in lifting the roadblocks. Each year, residents celebrate the short-lived independence of the Conch Republic. The festival features conch-blowing contests, a reenactment of the secession, mock naval battles, numerous public parties, and more. More…:

2 responses to “Today’s Holiday: Conch Republic Independence Celebration

  1. Been down there several times. People are crazy if they stay there during hurricane.


    • Yes, many times change for change is no better thsn change for worse! Nut it is in humannature to strive for change not for change for better…then the populus is used by diverse political and economical agendas thst on fact are against
      their own interest…like always, thanks for your input Carl! It is more important than you msy think! Happy Easter!


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