Yasmine’s Journal – The Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga

April 30, 2019

Yoga used to only be practiced by a select few who understood its benefits. Now, it has become popular and you can find yoga studios in just about every town. Many gyms now offer yoga classes as a part of their fitness routines as well. You may be considering trying yoga but are unsure of whether or not it is for you. The good news is that yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their age, sex, or fitness level. Here are the benefits of yoga.
1. Improves Flexibility
Being flexible might not seem like an important thing until you need to reach for something on the top shelf or bend down and realize you can’t get back up! The truth is that being flexible helps you stay mobile and pain-free. When your muscles are tight they can cause pain as well as cause injuries if you try to do something active. Flexibility also means you will have a full range of motion when you move, ensuring that you will not get injured while playing sports or performing everyday tasks.
2. Increases Strength
Yoga involves holding poses for long periods of time. This can improve your strength because you must support your own bodyweight in a variety of these poses. You work both your upper and lower body in a typical yoga session, so you can get a full body workout. Having a strong core is also essential for success in yoga, so you work those muscles every session as well.
3. Decreases Stress
Practicing yoga is a great time to de-stress and relax. Yoga is usually done in a quiet room while soothing music is played. The lights are dim and you are encouraged to focus on your breath and your intentions throughout the session. This helps you take your mind off of your stressors and focus on your movements. Many yoga instructors also offer a short meditation practice during class, which helps to relieve stress.
4. Teaches Mindfulness
Every yoga session teaches mindfulness of both the breath and movement. You can then take these lessons off the mat to help you in your everyday life. Mindfulness can help you be more efficient with your time and purposeful in how you spend it. Mindfulness is also helpful for your diet. When you practice mindful eating, you focus on how you feel while you eat and not rush through the process. This helps you recognize when you are full and when you are truly hungry, helping you not to overeat or rely on treats for comfort.
5. Improves Heart Health
Yoga can decrease your blood pressure, a risk factor for developing heart disease. Part of this is because yoga relieves stress and another is because it helps the body sense an imbalance in your blood pressure and restore it. Yoga can also improve your lipid profiles and lower blood sugar levels. These will help keep you healthy and reduce your risk of having a stroke or heart attack.
Yoga is a great way to get healthy without worrying about getting injured. It is a low impact exercise that also benefits your mind. When you practice yoga, you get a chance to slow down and enjoy what your body can do. This confidence spills over into your real life so you can be happier and make healthier choices overall.




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