Watch “A History of the Naco Border Wall and Why We Hate the Razor Wire” on YouTube read my comment to this shameful video, idealizing mehico (h=x)

As we all know: some people are not born to agree, with anything that means something: they are just noise in the sea of History, the costal area which keep eroding the earth! If you don’t get it is simple: south of mexico and Mexico itself us the sea, and the USA, THE COAST! THISE WHO NEED SO MUCH TO SEA MEXICO INVADING USA, YHEY SHOLD MOVE DOWNSOUTH, SEE HOW THEY re received there…or behind the iron curtain, in Siberia to get the idea of why USS SHOULD HAVE A BORDER WITH RAZOR WIRE, INSTEAD OF OF WELCOMING COMMITTEES WITH FLOWERS AND HIPPIES SONGS: SHAME ON YOU GUYS! YOU BELONG IN JAIL!

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