Worse Things Than Dying by Frances Seymour

Worse Things Than Dying
by Frances Seymour 

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 

There are worse things than dying
This condition is so true .
Yet, there’s no denying
the fate that’s befallen you.
What’s it like to be trapped
In a body that refuses to work?
With all your energy zapped,
your mind gone berserk.
Do you hear voices in the distance?
Muffled noise of gibberish sound
Yet, you have no remembrance
Everything you’ve known has drowned.
So, you’re lying in a mindless state
Emotionless, quiet and still
With nothing to do but wait,
For this perverse condition to heal.
There are worse things than dying.
Being eyewitness to this fact
For you sister, I’m still crying
And petitioning God to act.
Oh, if He’d only take you home
You would be whole again.
Then our family could carry on, 
With hearts on the mend. 

Frances Seymour

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