Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan’s

“How does it feel…To be all alone…

Like a complete unknown…

Like a rolling stone…”

I have always enjoyed listening  again and again to this song for its uniqueness in style and in line. Could’ve very well become the hymn of a generation, the better you could’ve make up what he was actually saying to us all. Hymn or not, is one of the greatest rock and roll classics of uor generation: i was just listening to it on my Planet Rock  Radio Station UK, installed on the ALOT Radio Player. I’m listening to this program a lot lately, and it never fails to remind me of long time passed times, with the uplifting feeling that only rememberence of one’s youth can. Jango is also a great environment for having your own way regarding the music and artists you’d like to play: Great entertainment folks. Try them at the reccommended links bellow: Who knows, you tooooo mayyy liiiikeee thooooose.

Just like in the past I rejoyce into making things a bit more educative: this time is no exception: Lets read the poem that lead to the beautyful music, in which it had disolved, like Leonard Cohen said it once, about his quest to have his poetry disolve into the mosic, and the music disolve into the poem, resulting in….Fresh Air.

Or may be I’m seeying to much into all this… Who knows?

But either way, enjoy,

George-b. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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