Melanie’s “Nickel Song”: Let’s sing it in choir, before its getting really cold

…The larger the choir, the lowder we sing, the warmer the weather will be, got it ?

There are seldom the times to remember the way things thouched one the first time around. It was the rediscovery of Melanie, that reminded me of the duty we have in cherishing that that we once enjoyed, at the degree afforded by either memory only or by the trigger mechanism of association (to make a short story…long really).

In few words: I rediscovered her: Nickel..Song, somewhere in the recess between the pillows of my couch (Yes my couch is…that old (just joking), and just at the perfect time, considering…You know what..The rhyme goes just as it used to, except that nickel is now worth about .0001 cents.

The social value of the song on the other hand, breaks the bar of the balance: Heeeeaaaavvvyyyyyyy !

Melanie\’s \”The Nickel Song\”widget.php?song_id=178067

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