Today’s Holiday: Tiananmen Square Anniversary

Today’s Holiday:
Tiananmen Square Anniversary

Each year thousands of people in Hong Kong, China, gather on June 4 to commemorate the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre with a candlelight vigil. On that day in 1989, Chinese government tanks rolled into Beijing’s Tiananman Square, killing hundreds of demonstrators calling for democratic reforms in China, and injuring 10,000 more. Since 1997, the Chinese government has discouraged the Hong Kong commemorations and pressured foreign news correspondents not to cover the yearly event. In the year 2002 about 45,000 people attended the vigil. More…:

5 responses to “Today’s Holiday: Tiananmen Square Anniversary

  1. China has done a very good surgical job of blotting the incident out of the national memory. I saw US journalists asking Chinese citizens about it today showing people pictures. One woman asked from what country were these taken.

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    • Well Carl, communists are all about disinformation…from Marx to lenin to stalin to all comunist regimes…and to the parties following the “fall of communism” in eastern and central Europe…they are all mafia of comunism… nothing is what the newspapers, most of them, are broadcasting! Loom what they are doing to President Trump! We live times of well or orchestrated news wars, counter information and evasions of truth!

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  2. The “Tank Man” photo is one of the great moments for human rights and dignity. And courage.

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    • Yes, I will never forget that video! It changed the minds of many people about the purpose of society and power. It was as memorsble as the little vietnamese girl, with her skin flaying, burned by napalm, running in the dirty road during the Vietnam War! Both memorable moments in our furious times, both attesting to the horrors of mindlesness of the minds controlling our lives


    • I published few posts in rememberence of this to heroes of humanity Carl! Thanks for your thought provoking comment!


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