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10 Types of Yoga – Choose One That Fits Your Need

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The aims of yoga have traditionally been the same – physical siddhis (special physical powers) and spiritual liberation (moksha).

Bhagvat Gita introduced three types of yoga – Karma Yoga (The yoga of action), Bhakti Yoga (The yoga of devotion), and JnanaYoga (The yoga of knowledge).

Over the years many different forms of Yoga have emerged. Let’s have a look at the some of major ones:


Different Types of Yoga

This type of Yoga is derived from ancient yoga teachings; this is a sequence-style of yoga that relations each movement to a breath. Exact in practice, ashtanga carry out poses in an exact order, nonstop. The inhalation method in ashtanga is designed to center the mind and manage breath flow all through the body while attractive flexibility and power.

Bikram/Hot Yoga

Different Types of Yoga

Both animated up in rooms 95 100 degrees, these kinds of yoga will surely obtain you sweaty and challenged. Bikram takes you all through a series of 26 poses, while hot yoga may be more varied up. The heat aids in suppleness and detoxification – classes are well-liked and vastly expanding.


Different Types of Yoga

Hatha means force in Sanskrit. This yoga form challenges your body and emphasises physical exercises to master the body along with mind exercises to withdraw it from external objects. This is most widely practiced form of yoga. Surya Namaskar is one essential part of this yoga.


Different Types of Yoga

With a religious and philosophical move toward, kundalini will improve your mind and body consciousness. Energy flow is directed towards the poses while meditation, breathing method, and chanting are included to keep you grounded. Actresses Jennifer Aniston and Melanie Griffith, and musicians Sting and Melissa Etheridge have done Kundalini yoga.


Different Types of Yoga

Gentle in nature, kripalu center on self empowerment in a three part practice. Making kripalu a customary part of your routine will put you in feel with your body as you permit it to teach you, leading you to self discovery.


Different Types of Yoga

Featuring a variety of props, Iyengar is a careful style of yoga focused on nailing the right alignment in each pose. Be ready to maintain form the pace is slow and pretences are frequently held for a minute or longer. For a lighter hearted version, try Anusara. Fast growing and welcoming to beginners, its classes are positive and accepting to those out of shape. Shilpa Shetty’s completely toned body is jealousy for many. Considered as one of the fittest actresses in Bollywood and a fitness icon, she credits it all to Anusara Yoga.


Different Types of Yoga

Calming and relaxing, restorative yoga will revitalize you more than a nap or night on the settee. With as few as five poses in one class, this class is perfect for injury or stress rehab. Head to the studio for restorative yoga next time you require a psychological cleanse.


Different Types of Yoga

Alike to ashtanga and hatha, vinyasa centralize poses around the sun salutation while uphold a synchronised breath matched to 12 poses. Welcoming to beginners and advanced yogis, vinyasa will make stronger your core and make connection between movement and breath. Look forward to the concluding relaxation pose, savasana, at the end of each class. Vinyasa Yoga is a powerful form of yoga that is said to break you into a sweat just as much as you would if you were in a sauna.

Power Yoga

Different Types of Yoga

Taking you from one pretense to the next, power yoga workers every muscle in the body, revving up your metabolism and resultant in higher calorie burn. Even though it is deemed the most fit yoga style, power yoga is rough even for athletes. You may also hear it referred to as vinyasa flow due to its variability in movement. Latino pop star Ricky Martin has also embraced Yoga, using it as a technique to restore inner peace and relaxation, practicing a calmer type of Yoga


Different Types of Yoga

Ideal for moms to be, this practice get better posture, core power, and breathing method while ease pregnancy pain. It is a secure and smart form of work out to stay in shape while pregnant, and a magnificent chance to share parenting tips.

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