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Fishing Assistant – chicvoss


Fishing is a pretty relaxing pastime. You can just spend the day enjoying
nature, waiting for the fish to bite. But I guess it can be frustrating
if you never catch anything. In that case, it might be time to up your
fishing game with this spring fishing rod holder. This unique fishing
tool automatically pulls back when a fish bites. Is that cheating?
Maybe. It’s all good though. Sometimes you just need an edge.

for shore fishers with many rods out at the same time, or just lazy
boat fishing lovers, the spring loaded rod holder will actually pull
back whenever a fish is detected on the line. Using an innovative way of
stringing the line through a hook on the device, it becomes a super
sensitive way of detecting when a fish is on the line and will
immediately pull back on the rod to set the line.

spring loaded fishing rod holder has three different levels of
sensitivity, so if one setting is too sensitive or not sensitive enough
for the fish your trying to catch just adjust the setting on the device.

when a fish bites, you have to be quick about pulling back on the rod,
so you can hook that fish and bring it in. That moment can be the
difference between a grand trout dinner or going hungry. This device
does it for you, so if you have slow reflexes or maybe you have ten rods
in the water at the same time, this thing will set the line for you.
After that, all you have to do is just reel it in, and hopefully it will
be a keeper.

God only knows, why it all turned down to dances… (poetic thought by George B)

Eve is so bored…she dances dances dances till exhaustion, till collapse till falling out of the garden to the place bellow- dark, mystic, constrictive, conveyor of senseless feelings…

Eve is bored with Adam…but why? Weren’t they made for each other? Was it the air in the garden or the tree was too small and the fruit too close to touch, to all senses?

Was is it the serpent?

It is all up in the air, it is the unanswerable question…

God only knows, why it all turned down to dances…

(poetic thought by George B)





Sometimes we need to remove people without warning…

Sometimes we need to remove people without warning...

Sometimes we need to remove people without warning…


7 rules of life

7 rules of life

7 rules of life


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