Origin story – Wikipedia



Origin story – Wikipedia

This article is about the back-stories of fictional characters. For myths about origins of world phenomena, see Origin myth. For other uses of “origin”, see Origin (disambiguation).

The trauma of his parents’ murder serves as the origin story for the popular fictional character Batman.

In entertainment, an origin story is an account or backstory revealing how a character or group of people become a protagonist or antagonist, and it adds to the overall interest and complexity of a narrative, often giving reasons for their intentions.

In American comic books, it also refers to how characters gained their superpowers and/or the circumstances under which they became superheroes or supervillains.
In order to keep their characters current, comic book companies, as
well as cartoon companies, game companies, children’s show companies,
and toy companies, frequently rewrite the origins of their oldest
characters. This goes from adding details that do not contradict earlier
facts to a totally new origin which makes it seem that it is an
altogether different character.

A pourquoi story, also dubbed an “origin story”, is also used in mythology,
referring to narratives of how a world began, how creatures and plants
came into existence, and why certain things in the cosmos have certain
yet distinct qualities.

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