Today’s Birthday: François Mitterrand (1916)

Today’s Birthday:
François Mitterrand (1916)

Initially a supporter of the Vichy government during World War II, Mitterrand joined the Resistance in 1943. After the war, he held cabinet posts in 11 Fourth Republic governments. He ran unsuccessfully against Charles de Gaulle’s government in 1965 but was elected president in 1981 and 1988, after which he strongly promoted European integration. Mitterrand retired in 1995, having served longer than any other French president. Who succeeded him as president of France? More…:

4 responses to “Today’s Birthday: François Mitterrand (1916)

  1. A vizitat Bucureștiul în ’91 – amiciție cu Ilici. Strigarea a fost taxarea în fața ambasadei Franței.

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  2. Vă mai aduceți aminte? “Francois Mitterrand est l’ami de l’assassin!”

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