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Horoscope♉: 11/26/2019


Your home life may be hopping today. Visitors will stop by unexpectedly, houseguests will move in or out, or workmen will swarm the place doing repairs. It’s a bit chaotic to be sure, but also somewhat exciting to have so many people in your home. Just because the day is hectic doesn’t mean that it won’t be satisfying and fun.: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Today’s Holiday: Seged (Sigd)

Today’s Holiday:
Seged (Sigd)

Seged is a religious festival observed only by Ethiopian Jews known as the Beta Israel. The participants wear clean, preferably white, clothes, symbolic of the state of purity in which they have kept themselves for seven days. The priests who lead the procession sing prayers and carry the Orit (the Jewish scriptures in Geez) and other holy books wrapped in colored cloth. Everyone who climbs the hill carries a stone, which is placed on a circular wall marking the holy area where the Orit will be placed. The ceremony includes a commemoration of the dead and readings from the Orit. More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Today’s Birthday: Chaim Weizmann (1874)

Today’s Birthday:
Chaim Weizmann (1874)

A Russian-born chemist, Weizmann became a British subject in 1910, developed a process for creating a synthetic acetone to be used in the manufacture of explosives in 1912, and was director of the British admiralty laboratories for much of WWI. An active Zionist, Weizmann helped negotiate the 1917 Balfour Declaration pronouncing British support of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. When the republic of Israel was eventually founded, he was elected its first president. What is the Weizmann organism? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

This Day in History: Harvey Milk and George Moscone Are Assassinated (1978)

This Day in History:
Harvey Milk and George Moscone Are Assassinated (1978)

After gaining a following as a leader of San Francisco’s gay community, Milk was elected to the city’s Board of Supervisors in 1977, becoming one of the first openly gay elected officials in US history. In 1978, he and Moscone, the city’s mayor, were shot and killed in City Hall by Dan White, a former city supervisor. White’s conviction on the less serious charge of voluntary manslaughter sparked riots in the city. What now infamous defense did White’s attorneys present at his murder trial? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Quote of the Day: Charles Dickens

Quote of the Day:
Charles Dickens

To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart. More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Article of the Day: Friendship

Article of the Day:

The Greek philosopher Aristotle once said that “friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” He divided friendships into three types: the useful, friendship as a common enterprise; the pleasant, friendship as entertaining companionship; and the good or virtuous, friendship as mutual esteem. Modern studies have linked friendships with personal wellbeing, yet studies indicate that, at least in the US, friendships are on the decline. How many confidants does the average US citizen have? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Idiom of the Day: absorbed in thought

Idiom of the Day:
absorbed in thought

Fully and deeply engrossed in a thought or idea, often to such a degree as to be unaware of or insensitive to the outside world. Watch the video…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Word of the Day: reprove

Word of the Day:

Definition: (verb) To speak disapprovingly to (a person); rebuke or scold.

Synonyms: admonish

Usage: He reproved the child for his bad behavior and sent him to bed without supper.: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Watch “Valentina Lisitsa — Rachmaninov Piano Concerto #2 in C minor w/ London Symphony Orchestra” on YouTube





Watch “Joan of Arc – Jennifer Warnes & Leonard Cohen” on YouTube

Now the flames they followed joan of arc
As she came riding through the dark;
No moon to keep her armour bright,
No man to get her through this very smoky night.
She said, I’m tired of the war,
I want the kind of work I had before,
A wedding dress or something white
To wear upon my swollen appetite.

Well, I’m glad to hear you talk this way,
You know I’ve watched you riding every day
And something in me yearns to win
Such a cold and lonesome heroine.
And who are you? she sternly spoke
To the one beneath the smoke.
Why, I’m fire, he replied,
And I love your solitude, I love your pride.
Then fire, make your body cold,
I’m going to give you mine to hold,
Saying this she climbed inside
To be his one, to be his only bride.
And deep into his fiery heart
He took the dust of joan of arc,
And high above the wedding guests
He hung the ashes of her wedding dress.
It was deep into his fiery heart
He took the dust of joan of arc,
And then she clearly understood
If he was fire, oh then she must be wood.
I saw her wince, I saw her cry,
I saw the glory in her eye.
Myself I long for love and light,
But must it come so cruel, and oh so bright?
Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Richard Webb / David Jonathan Cohen / Caroline Norris
Joan of Arc lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

Watch “Les Feuilles Mortes_Yves Montand à l´Olympia” on YouTube

Oh, je voudais tant que tu te souviennes
Des jours heureux où nous étions amis
En ce temps-là la vie était plus belle
Et le soleil plus brûlant qu’aujourd’hui

Les feuilles mortes se ramassent à la pelle
Tu vois, je n’ai pas oublié
Les feuilles mortes se ramassent à la pelle
Les souvenirs et les regrets aussi
Et le vent du Nord les emporte
Dans la nuit froide de l’oubli
Tu vois, je n’ai pas oublié
La chanson que tu me chantais
C’est une chanson qui nous ressemble
Toi tu m’aimais, et je t’aimais
Nous vivions tous les deux ensemble
Toi qui m’aimais, moi qui t’aimais
Mais la vie sépare ceux qui s’aiment
Tout doucement, sans faire de bruit
Et la mer efface sur le sable
Les pas des amants désunis
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
Mais la vie sépare ceux qui s’aiment
Tout doucement, sans faire de bruit
Et la mer efface sur le sable
Les pas des amants désunis
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Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Jacques Prevert / Joseph Kosma
Les Feuilles Mortes (Remasterisé) lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

Watch “Nouela – The Sound of Silence (Amazing cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s song)” on YouTube

Garfunkel once summed up the song’s meaning as “the inability of people to communicate with each other, not particularly internationally but especially emotionally, so what you see around you are people unable to love each other.”

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The Sound of Silence – Wikipedia

The Sound Of Silence« see all songs


Hello darkness, my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping

Left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams I walked alone

Narrow streets of cobblestone

‘Neath the halo of a streetlamp

I turned my collar to the cold and damp

When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light

That split the night

And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light I saw

Ten thousand people, maybe more

People talking without speaking

People hearing without listening

People writing songs that voices never share

No one dare

Disturb the sound of silence

“Fools” said I, “You do not know

Silence like a cancer grow

Hear my words that I might teach you

Take my arms that I might reach you”

But my words like silent raindrops fell

And echoed in the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed

To the neon god they made

And the sign flashed out its warning

In the words that it was forming

And the sign said “The words of the prophets

Are written on subway walls

And tenement halls

And whispered in the sounds of silence”

© 1964 Words and Music by Paul Simon





Quote: about limitations

Quote: about limitations

Quote: about limitations