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☆Rie Sinclair – Island of Loneliness


Where do I go, when it’s all blown over?
Where do I start, when it’s all gone to the dogs?
I am not bitter, I’m just trying to recover,
From my island of loneliness.
Where do I hide from the careless words you speak?
The words aren’t chic,
I can’t be pulled underneath.
I’m not immune, I just want to see beyond.
Beyond my island of loneliness.
I don’t want a fraction of your kiss to fill my empty heart.
I sail in my own sinking ship to the place where I belong.
So, what should I say?
I hear the cannons fire in the distance.
Is there a place for the tide to change my heart?
Stop wasting time, collecting lines of girls.
Wake up out of it
In my arms, out of your island of loneliness.

☆pictures credits:

☆Ilia Efimovich Repin (1844-1930):
☆Volga Boatmen (1870-1873)

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