Today’s Holiday: Chaitra Purnima

Today’s Holiday:
Chaitra Purnima

In southern India, Caitra Purnima is a time for Hindus to worship Chitra Gupta, also known as “the scribe of the gods.” Tradition holds that while Brahma was meditating, Chitra Gupta was brought into being. He serves as the scribe to Yama, the ruler and judge of the dead; some Hindus believe that Chitra Gupta maintains the accounts of their good and bad deeds in the Agrasamdhani (main records). At Kanchipuram, near Madras in Tamil Nadu State, the image of Chitra Gupta is taken out in a procession. Devotees bathe in the holy waters of the River Chitra, which flows from the nearby hills. More…:

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