I always enjoyed sharing of  life experiences, wisdom, thoughts and knowledge: When  there is no sharing one does not live up to any human value towards the world…

It is a pleasure when one is able to see life thru your own eyes, but one is at a loss if that view is not imparted,  if it doesn’t reach anyone’s heart, or mind or both: Its like the perfect echo, that reflects from all directions, but in a void, from which nothing can escape, like “The Sound Of Silence”, for ever…

I understand that better, as time goes by, and I try to  propagate  thoughts, with least echo, reverberation, resonance, not too loud, just at the right volume and adjustable…Always…

Welcome  And Enjoy ! 


11 responses to “WHAT MATTERS

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  2. Very interesting content. Thanks for your support and for visiting Poemattic.

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  3. George, thanks for following my blog and commenting too. Appreciate it. Donna


  4. Imi place patriotismul pe vare-l afisezi pe blog, desi esti departe de tara! Felicitari!
    O sugestie, totusi: schimba fundalul! Articolele se citesc greu, si este pacat!
    Good luck sau, mai pe romaneste: BAFTA!


    • Iubesc fundalul, e o fotografie pe care, asa ca si celelalte, le-am facut prin primbarile mele…Cred ca am sa reduc si mai mult contrastul. DAr, ca o sugestie, ceea ce poate fi de ajutor este de a selecta textul, caz in care, tot textul apare ein maximum contrast.
      Fara doar si poate: Multumesc de sugestie, si sper sa gasesti intotdeauna ceva atragator aici la euzicasa… Casuta mea virtuala e peste mari si tari.

      Toate cele bune,


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  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 I look forward to your posts here.


  6. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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