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this pressed for your right to know: NATO wrestles with new fast-reaction force prompted by Ukraine crisis

excerpts from article:  “…European allies are expected to play the lead role in the “spearhead”. However, because of capability gaps exacerbated by years of spending cuts, the Europeans may have to rely on the United States, NATO’s dominant military power, to help with air transport of heavy equipment and reconnaissance.

Fewer than 100 NATO troops are expected to be based in the Baltic states, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria to organize rapid reinforcement. The “spearhead” force would rotate between different countries each year, with the best equipped European allies – Britain, France and Germany – taking the lead.

Diplomats say other allies need to come forward to avoid having the burden fall too heavily on a few countries.

(Editing by Mark Heinrich)

via NATO wrestles with new fast-reaction force prompted by Ukraine crisis.