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great compositions/performances: ,Edvard Grieg – Norwegian Dances / Danses Norvégiennes

Edvard Grieg – Norwegian Dances / Danses Norvégiennes

Thia pressed: Scents Of The Season Speak Directly To Our Emotions| NPR

December 13, 2014 8:11 AM ET

Peppermint, evergreen, latkes on the griddle — all are signature smells of Christmas. NPR’s Scott Simon talks with Mandy Aftel, author of Fragrant, about why we react so strongly to scents.


Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch

Perfect pitch, also known as absolute pitch, refers to the ability to sing or recognize the pitch of a tone by ear. Experiments have shown that this skill, a form of memory, can be acquired through practice, but in some individuals, it appears to be inborn. Although there does not seem to be a correlation between absolute pitch and musical genius, many celebrated composers—like Mozart and Beethoven—are thought to have had perfect pitch. What is the more common skill known as “relative pitch“? More… Discuss