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article: Mykonos


Mykonos is a mountainous island of Greece in the Aegean Sea. Made mostly of granite, this 35 sq mi (90 sq km) island of about 6,200 people is a popular European tourist destination and has many fisheries. Mykonos is known for its nightlife and is considered one of the top clubbing destinations in the Mediterranean. In Greek mythology, Mykonos was the site of the battle between Zeus and what race of giants? More… Discuss

today’s holiday: Ladouvane (2014)

Ladouvane (2014)

Ladouvane, or the Singing to Rings, is a Bulgarian fertility ritual. Traditionally, young girls drop their rings, together with oats and barley (symbols of fertility), into a cauldron of spring water. The rings are tied with a red thread to a bunch of ivy, crane’s bill, basil, or some other perennial plant. Ritual dances are performed around the cauldron, and the girls’ fortunes are told. In western Bulgaria, the Central Balkan Range, and along the Danube River, Ladouvane is observed on New Year‘s Eve. In the rest of the country, it is observed on Midsummer Day. More… Discuss

word: cache


Definition: (noun) A secret store of valuables or money.
Synonyms: hoard, stash
Usage: In case of an emergency, I have a small cache of money and weapons hidden in the shed. Discuss.