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today’s holiday : National Agriculture Fair at Santarém

National Agriculture Fair at Santarém

The most important agricultural fair in Portugal is held for 10 days in June each year at Santarém, capital of the rich agricultural province of Ribatejo. Although the focus of the Ribatejo Fair is on farming and livestock breeding, there is also a colorful program of bullfighting, folk singing, and dancing, as well as a procession of campinos, or bull-herders. Many other European countries exhibit farm animals and machinery at the Feira Nacional de Agricultura. More… Discuss

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Haiku: Spider Web, poetic thought by George B

Haiku:  Spider Web, poetic thought by George B

Suspended between
tree and grass the trap is set:
remorselessly stands…

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Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control involves the introduction of natural enemies, such as predators, parasites, or pathogens, into the environments of pests. Once a natural enemy is successfully established, it rarely requires additional human action. Examples of effective biocontrol include using ladybugs to prey on aphids and treating turf with the bacterium Bacillus popilliae, which is fatal to Japanese beetle larvae. What pest were dachshunds originally bred to control? More… Discuss