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The Partisan – Leonard Cohen (World Tour 2008), The Partisan Lyrics, great songs/interpretations

The Partisan – Leonard Cohen

(World Tour 2008)

The Partisan Lyrics

from Songs From The Road

“The Partisan” is track #9 on the album Songs From The Road. It was written by Zaret, Hy / Marly, Anna.

When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender
This I could not do
I took my gun and vanished

I have changed my name so often
I’ve lost my wife and children
But I have many friends
And some of them are with me

An old woman gave us shelter
Kept us hidden in the garret
Then the soldiers came
She died without a whisper

There were three of us this morning
I’m the only one this evening
But I must go on
The frontiers are my prison

Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing
Through the graves the wind is blowing
Freedom soon will come
Then we’ll come from shadow

Les allemands étaient chez moi
Ils me dirent, “signe toi”
Mais je n’ai pas peur
J’ai repris mon âme

J’ai changé cent fois de nom
J’ai perdu femme et enfants
Mais j’ai tant d’amis
J’ai la France entière

Un vieil homme dans un grenier
Pour la nuit nous a caché
Les allemands l’ont pris
Il est mort sans surprise

Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing
Through the graves the wind is blowing
Freedom soon will come
Then we’ll come from the shadow


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“Be happy with what you have” — Being Human



A Stradivarius is a stringed instrument made by Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari. His “Strads” are famous for their tonal quality and are highly prized by world-class musicians and collectors. Many artisans have since tried to imitate his style of workmanship. Fewer than 700 genuine Strads are believed to be left in existence. Those that have survived are often identified by the names of previous owners. The famed “Lady Blunt” violin was auctioned in 2011 to help raise money for what cause? More… Discuss

word: Innocuous


Definition: (adjective) Having no adverse effect.
Synonyms: harmless
Usage: That mushroom may look innocuous, but it is in fact deadly. Discuss.

In Malaysia, Islam’s legal advance divides families and nation | Reuters


In Malaysia, Islam’s legal advance divides families and nation | Reuters.


The May 13 Incident

After the creation of the Federation of Malaysia in 1963, tensions grew between the wealthy Chinese—who controlled much of the Malaysian economy—and the poorer Malays. On May 13, 1969, Kuala Lumpur exploded with violence as Malay rioters killed hundreds of Chinese. Widespread arson and destruction added to the chaos, and a state of emergency was declared. Parliament was suspended and did not reconvene until 1971. Following the incident, what was instituted as a way to foster Malaysian unity? More… Discuss


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The Evil Eye

The people of the world have many superstitions, but one in particular is shared by a number of cultures, especially those of the Mediterranean and Middle East: the evil eye. Traditions and beliefs surrounding the evil eye vary, but it is generally thought to stem from envy and malice toward prosperity and beauty. Thus, in many cultures, unguarded praise of one’s possessions or children is thought to invite misfortune. Who is typically thought to be most vulnerable to the evil eye? More… Discuss