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TODAYD’S BIRTHDAY: Alfred Kinsey (1894)

Alfred Kinsey (1894)

Kinsey was an American biologist noted for his 1948 study Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and its 1953 follow-up, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Based upon thousands of interviews, the Kinsey Reports generated much controversy because they discussed taboo subjects, challenged conventional beliefs about sexuality, and approached sexual variation in a nonjudgmental, value-neutral fashion. Though he is best remembered for this research, Kinsey actually was a teacher of what? More… Discuss

Today’s Birthday: ROMAN VISHNIAC (1897)

Roman Vishniac (1897)

A Russian-American biologist, photographer, linguist, art historian, philosopher, and professor, Vishniac is best remembered for producing a photographic record of Central and Eastern European Jewish communities in the years preceding the Holocaust. His efforts were not without risk; he was imprisoned 11 times and forced to do hard labor in two concentration camps. He escaped to the US in 1940 and returned to his scientific roots, contributing to the development of what photographic techniques? More… Discuss