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Angela GHEORGHIU – Habanera -Bizet’s Carmen (Music Video)


Angela GHEORGHIU – Habanera – Carmen (Music Video)

Music Video: Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu sings the Habanera, from Bizet’s opera ‘Carmen’ (2002)

This video was filmed to promote the complete recording of the opera “Carmen” (EMI Classics)

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Misery Lit

Misery lit is a genre of biographical literature focused on the protagonist’s triumph over childhood trauma. Such texts typically involve physical or sexual abuse, or neglect, perpetrated by an adult authority figure, like a parent. Often written in the first person, the stories usually culminate in some sort of redemption or escape. Frank McCourt‘s memoir Angela’s Ashes is deemed a seminal work of the genre, although not the first. Which book do most people think originated misery lit? More… Discuss