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Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is an island located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. While named a ‘key’, it is not geologically part of the Florida Keys, but a barrier island composed of sand eroded from the Appalachian Mountains and carried there. When Hurricane Andrew stripped part of the island in 1992, archeologists found extensive evidence of a large Tequesta community that had lived there up to 2,000 years ago. What is the island’s history with regard to slavery? More… Discuss


this pressed for your awareness: 10 Household Products That Have KILLED People – Likes

10 Household Products That Have KILLED People – Likes.

Visit, subscribe, enjoy: Valentina Lisitsa, Pianist on YouTube

Valentina Lisitsa pianist visit her YouTube Channel

Valentina Lisitsa pianist visit her YouTube Channel (Click to access YouTube Channel)

A great cartoon by @varvel just now — Arnold Melm (@countUP)

#JeSuisCharlie, one of the most popular hashtags ever, was in 3.4 million tweets in 24 hours — Conrad Hackett (@conradhackett)

today’s holiday: Daniel Boone Festival

Daniel Boone Festival

Held annually in Barbourville, Kentucky, this festival honors the frontiersman Daniel Boone (1734-1820). In 1775, he became the first person to carve a trail through the Appalachian Mountains from eastern Tennessee to the Ohio River. An important part of the festival is the signing of the Cherokee Cane Treaty, which provides the Cherokee people with cane that they use to make baskets. Other festival events include an old-fashioned barbecue featuring pioneer and American-Indian foods, a long-rifle shoot, and competitions such as hog-calling, wood-chopping, and fiddling. More… Discuss

today’s holiday: Ginseng Festival

Ginseng Festival

This festival is a celebration of ginseng in Fusong, a county in the Changbai Mountains of China and the largest ginseng grower in the country. The people of Fusong have traditionally celebrated the ginseng harvest, and, in 1987, the government officially set aside three days for both a festival and a trade fair of ginseng products. The festival features performances of yangko, dragon, and lion dances; story-telling parties with a ginseng theme; art and photo exhibits; and a fireworks display. More… Discuss

Alan Hovhaness – Appalachian Symphony: make music part of your life series

FROM:  100yearoldWhiskey’s You Tube channel:

Alan Hovhaness – Appalachian Symphony

ALAN HOVHANESS – Symphony No. 60 (“To the Appalachian Mountains“)

In this 2005 recording, Gerard Schwarz conducts the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra. Naxos is the official owner of this recording.

First Movement (0:00)
Photo #1: Sunrise at Canim Lake, by werner22brigitte
Photo #2: Sea of Fog, by MartinStr
Photo #3: Sunrise, by Silvicultrix
Photo #4: Ring, by MartinStr
Photo #5: Sea of Clouds, by DeltaWorks
Photo #6: Morning Sun, by kcssm

Second Movement (10:42)
Photo #1: Glacier National Park, by dbmcnicol
Photo #2: Great Salt Lake, by werner22brigitte
Photo #3: Nosedive, by Aperture
Photo #4: New Zealand, by Simon

Third Movement (20:15)
Photo #1: Canton of Uri, by wernj
Photo #2: Carinthia Winter, by KleeKarl

Fourth Movement (23:29)
Photo #1: Säntis, by nitli
Photo #2: Clouds, by titigraf
Photo #3: Mountain Goats, by Steppinstars
Photo #4: Chipmunk, by LoggaWiggler
Photo #5: Kamloops, by Werner 22brigitte
Photo #6: Paragliding, by Simon
Photo #7: Hot Air Balloon, by LoggaWiggler
If you’re interested in buying the CD/MP3, it is available at ArkivMusic:

And at Amazon:

The CD/MP3 also includes Hovhaness’s Guitar Concerto No. 1 and Khrimian Hairig.

Today’s Birthday: DANIEL BOONE (1734)

Daniel Boone (1734)

Boone was a legendary American frontiersman who blazed a permanent trail across the Appalachian Mountains in 1775. Known as “Wilderness Road,” it became a major route for westward migration in the US. Boone also established Boonesboro, Kentucky, and was captured by Shawnee Indians while trying to defend it. He escaped after five months but moved to the Missouri Territory after losing his land claims in Kentucky. He gained international fame after what British poet mentioned him in an epic?More…