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this day in the yesteryear: Original Apple Macintosh Computer Released (1984)

Original Apple Macintosh Computer Released (1984)

Named after the McIntosh variety of apple, the original Macintosh computer was released by Apple Inc. in 1984. Using a graphical user interface and mouse instead of the then-standard command line interface, the “Mac” garnered an immediate, enthusiastic following, especially among tech neophytes. One of the Mac’s major breakthroughs was the ability to delete a file by dragging it to an on-screen trashcan, rather than by typing in a command. How did Apple officially announce the Mac’s launch? More… Discuss

An iPhone that Always Lands on Its Feet?

An iPhone that Always Lands on Its Feet?

Future generations of iPhones might have cat-like reflexes—and fewer cracked screens—thanks to a newly patented system by Apple that would allow the devices to land harmlessly when dropped. The proposed technology would employ the iPhone’s GPS, gyroscope, and accelerometer to detect the speed and angle at which it is falling and then reorient the device to land on its back or side, rather than on its screen. Apple is not alone in developing protection methods for smartphone accidents. In 2012, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos patented a system of tiny airbags that would deploy from a dropped phone. More… Discuss

New at euzicasa—widget—mp3.li: your music library access here (Always opens in a new page)

mp3.li:  your music library access here

mp3.li: your music library access here (Always opens in a new page)


Hands-Free Technology Can Make Drivers More Dangerous

Hands-Free Technology Can Make Drivers More Dangerous

Hands-free, speech-activated phone and infotainment systems for drivers are meant to make roads safer, but many are having the opposite effect. These systems are intended to make it easier for drivers to do things like make a call, send a text, or tune the radio without taking their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel, but many of the programs are so error-prone and complicated that they end up being a greater distraction than, for example, talking on a hand-held cell phone. More… Discuss

word: pliant


Definition: (adjective) Easily bent or flexed; pliable.
Synonyms: bendable
Usage: The connections of the several sections of the raft are slack and pliant, so that the raft may be readily bent into any sort of curve required by the shape of the river. Discuss.

this pressed: Tech giants slammed by FBI over encrypted smartphones – Telegraph

The FBI has warned that decisions by Apple and Google to encrypt their smartphones will make it more difficult to rescue kidnapping victims and foil terror plots.

A concept image of how the iPhone 6 might look

Apple and Google have both decided to add new encryption systems to their smartphones

The two Silicon Valley giants have both decided to add new encryption systems in the face of privacy concerns sparked by Edward Snowden‘s disclosure of mass government surveillance.

via Tech giants slammed by FBI over encrypted smartphones – Telegraph.

this pressed: L.A. school board approves contract to destroy emails after a year – LA Times

Monica Ratliff listening to Ron ChandlerL.A. school board approves contract to destroy emails after a year – LA Times.

this pressed: USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all – CNET

USB Type-C will replace all these current different types of USB cables. Dong Ngo/CNET


word: disembarrass


Definition: (verb) Relieve from.
Synonyms: rid, free
Usage: Lord Lundie strove to disembarrass himself of his accoutrements much as an ill-trained … dog tries to escape backwards through his frilled collar. Discuss.
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Steve Jobs (1955)

Now a household name known the world over for his role in the technological revolution of recent decades at the helm of Apple Inc., Jobs was once a college dropout tinkering with computer parts in his parents’ garage. It was there that he and Stephen Wozniak founded Apple in 1976 and built their first computers. Jobs left Apple in 1985 but returned in 1996 and played a key role in reviving the financially ailing company, reconfirming his reputation as an industry visionary. What is a StevenoteMore… Discuss


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First iPhone Announced (2007)

Development of Apple’s iPhone began in 2004, when a team of about 1,000 employees began work on the highly confidential “Project Purple.” Their efforts fundamentally changed the cell phone industry and prompted the development of a host of increasingly advanced smartphones that essentially function as mobile computers. Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone on January 9, 2007, at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco. What business did he prank-call as he tested features for the audience? More… Discuss


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Adding an Apple a Day Could Prevent Thousands of Deaths

Researchers say people should pay heed to the old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Ninety percent of adults eat at least one portion of fruit every day, but less than a third actually get the recommendedfive servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Adding just one apple, or a serving of any fruit or vegetable, to one’s daily diet could have significant health implications. According to the researchers’ calculations, if every adult in the UK increased his or her daily consumption of fruits and vegetables by one serving, 11,000 deaths due to vascular issues could be avoided each year. More… Discuss




Definition: (adjective) Capable of arousing and holding the attention.
Synonyms: absorbingfascinatinggrippingriveting
Usage: The book was so engrossing that I did not notice when the lights were turned out in the library. Discuss.


Today’s Birthday: JOHNNY APPLESEED (1774)

Johnny Appleseed (1774)

Born John Chapman, Johnny Appleseed was an American folk hero known for planting apple trees. Around 1800, he traveled from Pennsylvania, where he had sold or given saplings and apple seeds to families migrating westward, to present-day Ohio, sewing apple seeds as he went. For more than 40 years, he continued to wander up and down Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, pruning and caring for his forest nurseries and helping hundreds of settlers to establish orchards. Do any of his trees still exist? More… Discuss



The Strong ECONOMY is just a dream of the past!

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Planned Obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is a policy of deliberately limiting the life of a product in order to encourage the purchaser to replace it, thereby stimulating sales. Now applied to many different products, notably computer software, the concept first emerged in the 1920s when companies began to analyze every aspect of mass production. Planned obsolescence can refer to both technical failures and to “style” obsolescence. What are some examples of modern products that are designed to become obsolete? More… Discuss


Francesco De Gregori – La casa di Hilde

Per Giorgio Lo Cascio questa era una delle canzoni più belle scritte da De Gregori ed io la penso allo stesso modo. Ricorda una canzone di Leonard Cohen( Story of Isaac) dove c’è un verso( “I was running, he was walking”) identico a “”Lui camminava ed io correvo” presente nella canzone di De Gregori



World’s Most Expensive Cell Phone

Smartphones do not come cheap, but $15 million is a little much, even for an iPhone 5. A businessman from Hong Kong commissioned what is being touted as “the world’s most expensive phone,” an iPhone with a solid gold casing encrusted with 600 flawless white diamonds and a single, 26-carat black diamond that functions as the device’s home button. The black diamond, a family heirloom, is valued at $14.5 million. The man tasked with crafting the phone had previously designed a $9 million iPhone as well as a solid gold iPadMore… Discuss


Newfound iMessage security issue spams, crashes app


CNET- Newfound iMessage

CNET- Newfound iMessage (Click to access Article)


A reported attack method can target Apple’s iMessage service and flood it with messages. So far it remains highly isolated.

Josh Lowensohn

 March 29, 2013 5:20 PM PDT