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how can a deleted site allowed to become a member at a site: ‘manwithnoname.wordpress.com is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.’ :


If http://manwithnoname.wordpress.com doesn’t exist how come it became my latest member, and how come I cannot bar/block or whatever else in one simple step? wake up WordPress.com: give site admins the tools they need to protect themselves from hacking, and who know what else! 


click and enter your site, to view its archive! Its nice to see that every effort you made, all the posts and ideas you have are carefully archived at https://archive.org/ !


Internet Archive:   https://archive.org/


AARON COPLAND: APPALACHIAN SPRING: Great compositions/performances


Einstein’s Personal Life, Now Online

Einstein’s Personal Life, Now Online

If you’ve ever wondered about the man behind the principle of relat ivity, now you can know him better: the Einstein Papers Project has made accessible online 5,000 searchable documents from the first 44 years of Albert Einstein‘s life. Before, these letters, diaries, and scientific papers were mainly used by scholars, but now anyone can read—in Einstein’s own words—about his transformation from mediocre student to world famous scientific genius. As the papers highlight Einstein’s wit, work ethic, and large network of friends, the publishers hope they will dispel the notion of him as an isolated “mad” scientist. More… Discuss

Five Tips for Desinating Preservable Wwebsites: Smithsonian Digital Archives

Five Tips for Designing Preservable Websites-via The Smithsonian

Five Tips for Designing Preservable Websites-via Smithsonian (click to read on at Smithsonian)

Here at the Smithsonian Institution Archives, we take pride in preserving the Institution’s history, including its sizable web presence. While various offices at the Smithsonian create and back up the contents of their websites, the Archives also crawls each website using Heritrix, an open-source tool created by the Internet Archive, to capture content in an archival format. Our aim is to preserve the ABCs of digital objects: appearance, behavior, and content. We take care to tailor crawl configurations to each specific website to capture as much of its ABCs as possible while adhering to our collections policy. Sometimes, though, the structure of the site itself makes a perfect crawl difficult or impossible. (Source: http://blog.photography.si.edu/2011/08/02/five-tips-for-designing-preservable-websites/)