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this pressed – your right to know: Timeline of ISIS in Iraq | Timestream | Ntrepid

From the Study:”Many scholars attribute the rise of radical Islamist organizations in the Middle East, like al-Qa’ida and its successors, to the US military operations in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom, 2001) and Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003). According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ (CSIS) report, Al Qaeda in Iraq, the operations1 radicalized Iraqi Sunnis, who viewed foreign occupation as a justification for self-defense in the form of ‘jihad.’ The “US Military Operations” timeframe further highlights the amount of AQI activity—the precursor to the Islamic State—following the start of both operations. Scandals such as the Abu Ghraib prison incident,2 in which American soldiers were shown taking disparaging pictures of prisoners, further radicalized and mobilized moderate Iraqis, CSIS adds.:

via   Timeline of ISIS in Iraq | Timestream | Ntrepid.