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Historic musical moments: Death and Transfiguration (Tod und Verklärung, Op. 24) : Richard Strauss , great compositions/performances

Historic Musical Moments:  Death and Transfiguration (Tod und Verklärung, Op. 24) : Richard Strauss

this day in the yesteryear: Beaumont Siblings Disappear without a Trace (1966)

Beaumont Siblings Disappear without a Trace (1966)

The Beaumont children’s disappearance from an Australian beach launched what would become one of the largest police investigations in Australian criminal history. On a hot summer day in 1966, nine-year-old Jane Beaumont took her two younger siblings to a nearby beach, but they never returned home. Police investigations revealed that the children had been seen with a strange man and later walking alone, but the case was never solved. In what way did their disappearance change Australian society? More… Discuss



Narcolepsy is a disorder characterized by sudden, uncontrollable, and often brief attacks of sleep, sometimes accompanied by paralysis and hallucinations. Its cause is unknown, it has no cure, but it is fairly common—the US alone is home to some 200,000 narcoleptics. People with narcolepsy may abruptly fall asleep at any time, including while talking or even walking. The attacks can range from embarrassing and inconvenient to severely disruptive of daily life. How is narcolepsy diagnosed? More… Discuss


Tapio Rautavaara (1915)

Finland’s multitalented Tapio Rautavaara was a successful athlete, singer, and actor. He won Olympic gold for javelin throwing and was also a top archer. He acted in numerous Finnish films and recorded more than 300 songs before his death in 1979, the result of a brain injury caused by a slip-and-fall accident. His death might have been averted had medical officials correctly identified the symptoms of a fatal cerebral hemorrhage instead of dismissing them as indicators of what? More… Discuss


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