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Transfagarsan cu bicicleta prin muntii Fagaras – Adi Neamtu – Jiana 2011


Tură în Făgăraş (august 2008)

Filmuleţ făcut în timpul turei de creastă din Făgăraş în august 2008. Creasta Făgăraşului de la Suru până la lacul Capra.

(Movie was shot during  the backpacking in the Fagaras Mountain Range  crest line from Suru  to Capra (goat) lake.) 

Music: Enigma – Voyageur

Capra (genus)

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“I remember the Fagaras Mountains as I used to spend a lot of time trying to convince them that I was worthy of their majesty (in other words, they are a big challenge  any time). They are the tallest and most difficult mountains in Romania. For those who have adventure there they have been and continue to be a Spiritual Experience. It has been for me.”