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thinking of a tune: Leonard Cohen – Did I Ever Love You (Lyric Video)

Leonard Cohen – Did I Ever Love You (Lyric Video)

this pressed: Video: Inside The Abandoned Minnelli Mansion Of Beverly Hills: LAist|K-Mozart 1260 AM

The glory days are over for this former celebrity home (Screenshot via YouTube)

A video provides a tour through the abandoned Minnelli mansion in Beverly Hills, once occupied by Liza Minnelli‘s father, Vincent Minnelli.

The 5,800-square-foot house sits on Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills. It was built in 1925 and redesigned by John Elgin Woolf, a well-known Hollywood architect, Curbed LA reports. As the story goes, director Vincent Minnelli moved into the home after his divorce from Judy Garland, who he met directing 1944’s Meet Me In St. Louis. Minnelli and Garland didn’t have a particularly long marriage: they married in 1945 and divorced only six years later in 1951. Their only child, Liza, was born in 1946.

Minnelli died in July of 1986 when he was 83 after struggling with emphysema and pneumonia.

via Video: Inside The Abandoned Minnelli Mansion Of Beverly Hills: LAist.

Barbra Streisand- Memory


Barbra Streisand- Memory (with lyrics)


Streisand Effect

The term “Streisand effect” describes the result of an attempt to suppress online information that instead increases its exposure. It was coined in 2003 after American entertainer Barbra Streisand sued a photographer for $50 million so that aerial photos of her home, part of a collection of California coastline photographs, would be taken off the Internet. The case was dismissed, and the ensuing media coverage further publicized the photos. What are other famous examples of the phenomenon? More… Discuss


Today’s Birthday: FRANK RUSSELL CAPRA (1897)

Frank Russell Capra (1897)

One of the preeminent Hollywood directors of the 1930s and 40s, Capra produced idealistic populist movies that celebrate the virtues of the common American. At age six, the Sicilian-born future director immigrated with his family to the US. After holding various jobs in the film industry, he emerged as a major director in 1928. Within years, he had won his first Oscar. Which of his films is now considered one of the best American films ever made—despite having initially been a box office flopMore… Discuss