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this day in the yesteryear: Wagner’s Parsifal Premieres in the Bayreuth Festival Theatre (1882)

Wagner’s Parsifal Premieres in the Bayreuth Festival Theatre (1882)

Loosely based on Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival—the medieval epic poem of the Arthurian knight Parzival and his quest for the Holy Grail—Parsifal is a three-act opera by German composer Richard Wagner. The opera was first conceived in 1857 but not completed until 25 years later. It premiered in 1882 at the second Bayreuth Festival, where it was performed exclusively until 1903. What tradition has arisen among the audience at performances of Parsifal at Bayreuth? More… Discuss

Happy Birthday Mozart: Mozart piano sonata # 9 K.311 – DANIEL BARENBOIM , great compositions/perfoemances

DANIEL BARENBOIM ~ Mozart piano sonata # 9 ; K.311 1989

Bayreuth Festival

Bayreuth Festival

Bayreuth, Germany, is home to this annual festival devoted to the performance of operas by Richard Wagner. Wagner launched the festival in 1876 to showcase a variety of German music and did not intend for his compositions to be the focus. The event was plagued by financial problems in its early years, but survived through state intervention and the support of influential Wagnerians, including Ludwig II of Bavaria and Adolf Hitler. Who did Hitler beg—unsuccessfully—to lead the festival? More… Discuss