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Faberware toaster oven rotisserie chicken

Faberware toaster oven rotisserie chicken


Survivors, poetic thought by George-B ©Always (The smudge and other poems)

Survivors, poetic thought by George-B ©Always (The smudge and other poems)

I’ve witnessed moments like this
Made of lights and shadows,
with aroma of licorice and tarragon
tasting like roasted bell peppers and eggplants

I’ve witnessed moments like this
In sepia, and black and white, faintly smelling of retouching indigo


In the depth of the jungle, the smell of mushrooms is stronger
that any other smell except that of decaying matter

I’ve witnessed moments like this
of serenity: when being takes over the fear of dying,
of falling, through the holes in the old dragnet:
tilapia is a smart fish: it turns on one side,
at the bottom,
just above the mud,
avoiding the net…
other fishes are learning the technique: They are survivors.

The Tomb of Nakht, 1500 BC, contains a tilapia hieroglyph just above the head of the central figure.

Cooked Beef Liver With Mushrooms And Bell Pepper

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This is an original recipe: I do not use a cook book, nor did I copied the recipe, but since I find the dish very palatable, I decided to share my recipe with the world.


  1. One large onion,
  2. 6 large mushrooms,
  3. one tablespoon of extra light olive oil
  4. Tarragon,
  5. Ground pepper,
  6. Rosemarie,
  7. Garlic and herbs spice,
  8. 4 hot peppers,
  9. 1 bell pepper (I prefer red).
  10. 3 fl oz. of red wine (Merlot will do)
  11. A1 steak sauce,
  12. ½ lb of fresh beef liver (thinly cut).
  13. Preparation:

            Warm up the oil in the cooking pan, while finely cutting the onion.

Add some spices #4, 5, 6, 7 and the chopped bell pepper. Stir often, so the onions brown evenly.

When the onions are ready add the mushrooms, broken or cut, in not too little pieces, stems and all, and stir so the mushrooms are on the bottom of the pot. When you start smelling the mushrooms, add the liver, in direct contact with the pan (you may need to move the vegetables aside. Add again spices # 4, 5, 6, 7, on top of the liver.

Skin the hot peppers with a potato peeler, and spread them.

After few minutes, turn the liver on the other side and add again the spices.

After one minute poor the red wine, so the liver gets to soften up. After another minute turn it over again, and cover it with the vegetables. After another minute, turn the liver over once again and add, on top A1 steak sauce, or your choice of steak sauce, remove from stove , and let rest for 5 minutes. Your natural source of iron is now ready to consume. Have a serving of beef liver once a week.

You can have salad, or half a baked potato. Avoid junk food, it would be a pity, and unhealthy too.

And now:

Bon Appétit!