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today’s birthday: Billy the Kid (1859)

Billy the Kid (1859)

Billy the Kid, who went by the name William H. Bonney and whose real name may have been Henry McCarty, was an infamous outlaw and murderer who roamed the American West from his teenage years until his death at the age of 21. The young fugitive was captured and jailed several times but escaped each time until he was finally killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett. Although rooted in history, the story of Billy the Kid has developed into a popular legend. Why is his gravesite enclosed by a steel cage? More… Discuss

today’s birthday: Pat Garrett (1850)

Pat Garrett (1850)

When cowboy and buffalo hunter Pat Garrett decided to settle in Lincoln County, New Mexico, in 1879, he could never have imagined the dramatic turn his life was about to take. Soon after settling in, Garrett was appointed sheriff and charged with tracking down and arresting outlaw Henry McCarty, a murderer and participant in the Lincoln County War who was better known as Billy the Kid. What led Garrett to ultimately kill “the Kid,” and why did this act eventually sully his reputation? More… Discuss

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