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The Northern Lights


Northern lights over Kulusuk, Greenland

Northern lights over Kulusuk, Greenland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Northern Lights


The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are a luminous display of various forms and colors in the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere. They are caused by


Plasmasphere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

high-speed electrons and protons from the Sun, which are trapped in the radiation belt above Earth and channeled toward the polar regions by Earth’s magnetic field. These electrically charged particles enter the atmosphere and collide with air molecules, exciting them to luminosity. Who coined the name “aurora borealis” for this phenomenon? More… Discuss


Today Birthday: Harrison Ford (1942)

Harrison Ford (1942)

Ford is an American actor who had minor roles on screen and TV before achieving stardom in George Lucas‘s 1977 hit movie Star Wars. He then took on the role of Indiana Jones and graduated to dramatic films like Blade Runner, Witness, and The Fugitive. His rugged good looks and wry charm made him one of the most popular actors of his day. A noted conservationist, Ford has had a species of spider and a species of ant named for him. How did he get the scar on his chin? More… Discuss