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today’s holiday: Tellabration


A nationwide night of storytelling, Tellabration was started in 1988 by storyteller J. G. (“Paw-Paw”) Pinkerton. The event began with storytelling in six communities in Connecticut. The next year, Texas and Missouri also had Tellabrations, and, by 1991, storytelling on this night was happening in 72 communities in 27 states, as well as in locations in Bermuda and Canada. Eventually, the length of Tellabrations extended to a weekend. Proceeds of the event go toward developing the archives of Storytelling Foundation International in Jonesborough, Tennessee. More… Discuss

Bike Fatalities Up in US

Bike Fatalities Up in US

As adults increasingly ditch their vehicles for more eco-friendly and waistline-friendly modes of transportation, more bikes end up on the road, and this isn’t all good. Simply put, more biking means more accidents and more fatalities. Between 2010 and 2012, the number of bicyclists killed in motor vehicle crashes in the US climbed 16 percent. The vast majority were adult males, most were not wearing helmets at the time, and a quarter of them were in fact legally drunk. More… Discuss

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Texas Man’s Drunkenness Traced to Brewery in His Gut

A recent case described in a medical paper lends a whole new meaning to the term “beer gut.” For five years, a Texas man seemed to be constantly drunk. Even on days that not a drop of alcohol touched his lips, breathalyzers and blood alcohol tests showed high levels of alcohol in his system. Doctors assumed he was simply a closet drinker, but they turned out to be wrong. Unbeknownst to anyone—doctors and patient included—the man’s body was converting carbohydrates into ethanol during digestion. Gastroenterologists who finally gave him a thorough examination in 2010 diagnosed him with a rare condition known as gut fermentation syndrome or auto-brewery syndrome. More… Discuss