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Boredom: the desire for desires. Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

Boredom: the desire for desires.

Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) Discuss

Shocking Boredom Study

Shocking Boredom Study

Fifteen minutes may not seem like a terribly long time, but when left alone with just one’s thoughts for company, it is apparently unbearable, and many would sooner shock themselves than endure it. Nearly half of the participants in a recent study—18 of 42—elected to administer at least one mildly painful electric shock to themselves at some point during a 15-minute period in which they were left alone in an empty room and asked to sit at a table “entertaining themselves with their own thoughts.” Though some have criticized the study’s design, the researchers concluded that, on the whole, people prefer doing something, even something unpleasant, to doing nothing at all. More… Discuss

Promises, promises, poetic thought by George-B

Promises, promises, poetic thought by George-B

A promise I made
To myself
I will not be bored
I will learn to not be bored
To find the elements in
That will be interesting
Not to bore me
To look for antiboring-antiboring-anti
thumb sucking
Smoking whatever
Drinking to unbore
And immature mature relationships
Turning to be boring now I
Walk away from boring
And get fit as I walk, and now
I can tell what’s boring
I can unbore and stay that way
Way to go

I’m on my way…

Bone of Time, poetic thought by George-B (©Always)

Bone of Time, poetic thought by George-B (©Always)

I’m sitting in this old place
Thinking about myself,
Imagining myself being
A few years younger,
Still in the safety of the 20th
Century, one hundred years, passed now,
The safety of the memories past …
The memorialistic past, pass double dance of the safe past,
When things turned out okay, and I survived that day and
That and this, days and nights and
sometimes mornings and afternoons,
boring times extraneously boring times of nothing but boredom,
and more boredom and
sometimes the “Hi How are you?”, “Great, thanks…’n how are you?”…

Yes I’m thinking sometimes of the safety of the memories past,
of the 20th century, with more substance on the bone of time,
and less of a hatchet to grind,
with less militantism, and more substance
on the bone of humanity,
on the bone of history,
on the etherical memories of the past.

Did I Said That? ♥ ♥ ♥

♥  “The greatest absence is the one between two people who regardless how well they know each other, have nothing to share, nor do they have any other connection than finding themselves in the same space, with nothing but boredom: Each minute of that can sink the largest ship under its weight.” ♥

Western Breithorn Author: Victor Troyanov

Western Breithorn Author: Victor Troyanov