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Five Tips for Desinating Preservable Wwebsites: Smithsonian Digital Archives

Five Tips for Designing Preservable Websites-via The Smithsonian

Five Tips for Designing Preservable Websites-via Smithsonian (click to read on at Smithsonian)

Here at the Smithsonian Institution Archives, we take pride in preserving the Institution’s history, including its sizable web presence. While various offices at the Smithsonian create and back up the contents of their websites, the Archives also crawls each website using Heritrix, an open-source tool created by the Internet Archive, to capture content in an archival format. Our aim is to preserve the ABCs of digital objects: appearance, behavior, and content. We take care to tailor crawl configurations to each specific website to capture as much of its ABCs as possible while adhering to our collections policy. Sometimes, though, the structure of the site itself makes a perfect crawl difficult or impossible. (Source: http://blog.photography.si.edu/2011/08/02/five-tips-for-designing-preservable-websites/)