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today’s birthday: Lord Kelvin (1824)

Lord Kelvin (1824)

Kelvin was a British mathematician and physicist known especially for his work in thermodynamics and electricity. He introduced the Kelvin temperature scale, helped develop the second law of thermodynamics and discover the Joule-Thomson effect in thermoelectricity, and was an important innovator and authority in the field of message transmission through submarine cables. He also invented the siphon recorder. Kelvin entered the University of Glasgow at what young age? More… Discuss

news: “Eugene” Passes Turing Test

“Eugene” Passes Turing Test

In 1950, British mathematician and computer theorist Alan Turing predicted that by 2000, a computer could be programmed so that after 5 minutes of questioning, the average interrogator would not have more than a 70% chance of telling whether he was talking to a machine or another person. The ability of a machine to carry on a conversation indistinguishable from that of a human, he contended, is the true measure of artificial intelligence. And while he was a little off on the timing, a computer program has finally passed the Turing test. Last Saturday, a program called Eugene Goostman convinced 33% of the judges at the Royal Society in London that it was human. More… Discuss