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The Old City, poetic thought by George -B

The Old City, poetic thought by George -B

The window is opened toward a city,
A city that’s built for millennia,
layers of generations,
as dust of time settled upon itself…
The city’s old,
and so are most of its buildings,
kept alive by people who care, by fires,
and wars and bullets,
by rain, snow and heat waves –
The city only grew stronger,
Surviving survival…
And yet something’s missing, lost to the ages
The laughter of children, the play of the squirrels
The thrills of the singing of birds…
The silent past conquered the noise
and reigns now, in absolute power…

A dove on the windowsill is mourning his lover.


English: Street in Jerusalem Old City

English: Street in Jerusalem Old City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Celebratory Gunfire

A common practice in places such as the Balkans, the Middle East, South Asia, Latin America, and some parts of the US, shooting a firearm into the air in celebration occurs most often on holidays such as New Year‘s, Christmas, and Eid. Falling bullets are responsible for damaged roofs and shattered windows. Worse, they can result in injury and even death. Why is the mortality rate among those struck by falling bullets much higher than the mortality rate normally associated with gunshot woundsMore… Discuss


Just a…question: “Who is going to win this battle: Ideas or bullets?”

Just a…question: “Who is more powerful: Ideas or bullets?”